Car wax comparison 2018

Purchase advice for car wax comparison or test 2018

  • To protect the paintwork of your car, it is recommended to seal it with wax after a few car washes.
  • There are different wax for car care: hard wax and spray wax. The former offers better protection, but takes longer to apply. In return, spray wax can simply be sprayed on.
  • To spread the applied wax evenly and avoid staining after application or spraying, use a lint-free cloth and polish the surface.

Car wax comparison 2018: shine

In addition to treating your vehicle with car shampoo, you should consider the Polish paint with car wax to make the surface shine and protect it from the weather, With the combination of shampoo and wax you will achieve the best results and your car will shine in the most beautiful glow.

In our Car wax comparison 2018 Learn how spray wax and hard wax differ and whether each wax is suitable for every varnish. We will also give you a buying guide where you can buy cheap car wax.

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1. Car wax protects your car from wear

Car wax comparison 2018: shine

For paint care is not only the regular car wash, but also the application of a car wax.

Car wax serves to protect and maintain the surface of the car paint. The car care product contributes to the paint seal and should not be missing when cleaning the vehicle. It protects against wear and rust so that the vehicle can shine for a long time and remains roadworthy. Therefore car wax fulfills both a technical and an aesthetic purpose.

Car wax is roughly classified according to the ingredients in two categories: Natural wax and synthetic wax. The former should include carnauba wax, which is obtained from the carnauba palm. Natural wax is usually a bit more expensive than synthetic wax, but ensures a pleasantly soft, natural shine. Products with carnauba wax are available as a paste or as a spray wax.

Synthetic wax, however, can also shine with some advantages:

  • Polymer blend without natural ingredients - no intervention in nature necessary
  • very good seal
  • also miscible with natural waxes
  • available as spray wax or paste
  • relatively inexpensive
  • hard shine
  • less resistant protective layer

2. Hard or soft - differences between spray wax and hard wax

Car wax can either be bought in cans as so-called hard wax or as liquid wax in a spray bottle. The advantages and disadvantages of both types can be seen in the following table:

Type of waxproperties
hard wax

Car wax comparison 2018: paint

denser consistency - better seal
better protection against rust
often of higher quality than spray wax
lengthy application - much polishing necessary
spray wax

Car wax comparison 2018: comparison

uncomplicated application
no further training required
less good sealing
must be applied more frequently than hard wax
Nature or synthetics? Hard wax products almost always consist of natural wax mixtures, eg. B. Carbnauba and beeswax. In contrast, spray waxes are mostly synthetic polymer compounds, occasionally blended with a natural wax to improve durability.

3. Purchasing advice for car wax: the most important criteria

3.1. The shine: expensive products often better

Car wax comparison 2018: your

Important for your satisfaction with the car wax: an even shine.

If you place great importance on the exterior of your vehicle in addition to the paint seal, it is important to know What is the gloss level of the product? High-quality products offer both protection and beautiful shine. However, if you put more emphasis on the gloss, a cheaper product, which offers above all beautiful gloss, but less durable, may be the right choice for you.

3.2. The wax types: spray or polish

As mentioned in chapter 1, you can choose between hard wax and spray wax. It is up to you whether you attach more importance to weather resistance or rather to short-term shine. The wax car waxing time for spray wax is lower, but does not provide the long-lasting protection of hard wax.If you value protection, a hard wax is probably your personal car wax test winner.

3.3. The price / quality ratio: pay attention to the quantity

Car wax comparison 2018: shine

Always pay attention to the value for money when you buy car wax. Spray wax is usually cheaper, but must be applied more frequently.

If you want to find the best car wax for your needs, you should pay attention to the price-performance ratio. High quality wax can have a price of up to 10 € per 100 ml, whereas cheap car wax is about 1 € per 100 ml.

Natural hard wax with a high content of carnauba wax is particularly expensive, but has the highest quality and protects your paint very long.

Synthetic spray wax costs the leastHowever, the protective effect lasts less long. Accordingly, you often need to apply synthetic spray wax more often.

4. How to apply car wax?

Before you come to apply the car wax on the paint, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the paint surface. If you have carried out the pre-cleaning for car care, you can start with the paint sealer, apply the car wax and spread with a soft sponge or a microfiber cloth.

Note: The wax still has to work after application. This takes about 30 to 60 minutes for hard wax, whereas liquid wax acts faster because it is applied less thickly.

Car wax comparison 2018: 2018

Using a cordless polishing machine makes washing and polishing the paint even easier.

In contrast to Car polish, which ensures especially for beautiful shine, the wax seals the pores of the paint and thus acts water repellent. The polish (such as with 3M polish) can be applied by hand or with a polishing machine after the car wax has been used.

Nanosurfactants, in turn, are added to the nano-sealant, which results in almost complete sealing of the paint and is very similar to the lotus effect.

For optimal protection and shine, it makes sense to use both a sealer with wax and a polish. However, the polishing machine requires practice and should not be used by laymen.

How to correctly apply car wax is explained in this video:

5. Questions and answers about car waxing

5.1. What is car wax?

Is a nano seal useful?

Car wax comparison 2018: paint

To increase the beading effect, a nano-sealing may be useful. The structure of the surface is coated with nanoparticles, which are smaller than dirt and water particles, so that the contact with the surface is difficult. This makes it easier for water and dirt to slip off the surface.

Where the tiny particles in the industry are still used and what you need to know about them, Stiftung Warentest summarized in its issue 10/2012. A car wax test unfortunately does not belong to the article.

Car wax consists of various ingredients. These can be either of synthetic or natural origin. To the nature of the natural wax countswhite beeswax, coconut oil, propolis, jojoba oil, almond oil or the expensive onecarnauba.

Beeswax is easier to work with than higher-quality carnauba wax, but is not as resistant. Most will be accordingly Mixtures of different waxes usedto combine the positive qualities.

5.2. How long does car wax last?

Depending on how the car is used or how often you use it and wash it, can hold car wax for a few weeks or even months, But which car wax lasts the longest? Usually keeps more expensive Hard wax up to 3 months longer than spray wax.In contrast, spray wax must already be renewed after a few car washes. Depending on how often you wash your car and what kind of weather it is exposed to, the wax needs to be renewed after a few weeks or a few months.

5.3. How do I remove car wax?

To apply new wax and to protect the paint from the weather, it is necessary that to remove old wax first, You should Apply thinner or silicone remover and degrease the surface with a microfibre cloth by rubbing.

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