Burn cardboard - is that possible and is that allowed?

Again and again there is uncertainty about whether you can burn paper and cardboard just. In some places it is done - if it is actually legal, but hardly anyone knows. This article gives a detailed answer to the question of what is allowed and what is not.

Burn paper and cardboard in the oven

In the oven (ie the own heating place) the following materials may not be burned:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • Garbage and combustible waste
  • coated, painted or varnished or wood preservative treated wood

If such substances are burned in the oven, this is punishable. It can produce dangerous fumes, which are also partially toxic, also creates a heavily polluted ash, which can not be easily disposed of.

If this prohibition is disregarded, in severe cases, this can even lead to the fact that one may no longer use the fireplace at all.

To cheer you may of course give small amounts of paper in the stove. As long as that serves only to cheer, and it is small amounts, this is not a problem.

Burn paper and cardboard outdoors

Burning paper and cardboard in the open air and burning it in very small quantities is usually not a problem. The fireplace must be a metal bucket or similar in any case, flammable items must be removed from the immediate vicinity, and extinguishing agents should be available.

For larger quantities you have to ask the fire brigade and public order office for permission, sometimes there are also so-called "Brenntage" where you may burn larger quantities after prior permission.

Tips & Tricks

The burning of garden waste may also be prohibited or restricted in some communities (natural wood). In case of doubt, the respective offices in the municipality or the fire department provide information here.

Video Board: Burned Cardboard Castle by daVinci catapult