Glue cardboard - which glues are suitable?

Whether in modeling or crafting - if something has to hold, good glue is necessary. With cardboard, everything is not always suitable here to ensure a secure fit. Modelers all have their own tips, but there are a few general recommendations as well. Which are these, read in our post.

Usual adhesives in model construction

Uhu hard

Many manufacturers of model kits still consistently recommend for assembly "Uhu hard" for many years. For thinner cardboard, it is a very good universal adhesive, which is still a good alternative over the years.


Not all superglues are suitable for paper and cardboard - the high-quality products, however, provide the most secure grip, and certainly in the shortest possible time.

Acetone-containing (= solvent-based) adhesives

Acetone-containing adhesives are more of an insider's tip from model making, and are rarely used in practice. Many also react with dizziness and similarly unpleasant conditions on the adhesive vapors - if you can avoid it, you should too.

Wood glue and white glue

For heavier cardboard, wood glue or white glue is often used - but in terms of durability this is not necessarily the best possible alternative. Other adhesives are certainly more suitable here. Ponal or Bastelleim but are - especially in modeling - throughout widespread.

Hot glueing of cardboard

The hot glueing of cardboard is a very good possibility to produce comparatively stable connections even with small contact surfaces. Hot glue is anyway a good and very durable way to stick in many areas - also very common in crafting.

Tips & Tricks

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