Cardboard roll Advent calendar "Nicholas" with blueprint drawing

Instructions for the wall advent calendar "Nicholas"

Cardboard roll Advent calendar

With an advent calendar you agree already during the Advent season on the upcoming Christmas, because each of the 24 days until then is sweetened with a small gift. Whether only the proverbial sweets or other great gifts, with a homemade Advent calendar you can make especially children a great pleasure.

Original and at the same time unique is an Advent calendar in the shape of a Santa Claus, which has enough large compartments for sweets and small presents. They arise from sections of cardboard rolls, as they can be obtained in paper shops. Nicholas himself consists of a few pieces of wood, which are joined together in no time. How to show this Tinker Christmas calendar yourself can.

Material and tools

  • 1 circular base plate: 12 mm x 450 mm diameter (MDF plate)
  • 1 head: 12 mm x 220 mm x 240 mm (MDF board)
  • 2 hands: 12 mm x 110 mm x 160 mm (MDF board)
  • 23 cardboard parts: 60 - 100 mm long; Inner diameter: 50 mm
  • 1 cardboard roll part: 60 - 100 mm long; Inner diameter: 75 mm
  • 23 clamping pieces: 10 mm x 47 mm x 20 mm (plywood)
  • 1 clamping piece: 10 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm (plywood)
  • 1 hanging plate with screws
  • red, green and white varnish
  • Poster cardboard for roll lid, approx. 1 mm thick
  • Fiber painters or paint pens in gold or silver
  • Decorative stars in gold or silver
  • Wood glue, craft glue
  • Jigsaw, drill screwdriver

building instructions

Build Nicholas

The Advent calendar in Nikolausform arises from only a few wooden parts. It will need a circular base plate with a diameter of 45 cm and another with the dimensions 22 x 24 cm. This is intended for the production of the head. To do this, transfer the dimensions of the blueprint and saw off the head with a jigsaw (see front view). Cut out the hands from the 11 x 16 cm plate in the same way. Then glue hands, head and body of Santa Claus and fix with screw clamps. After drying, screw on the hanging plate on the back.

Paint Nicholas

Since we make this Christmas calendar ourselves, we can also determine the design according to taste. The "face color" of St. Nicholas can show both untreated wood surface as well as a mixed red and white paint shade. If you like, you can also apply white cotton for eyebrows, beard, sleeve seams and beanie bobble with craft glue. The nose can be a red plastic ball.

Cardboard roll Advent calendar

Cut through cardboard rolls

Cardboard roll Advent calendar


Make lid for cardboard rolls

The covers for the individual cardboard rolls are made by cutting 23 small circles and a large circle from the poster board in the appropriate size. The easiest way to do it, if you use the cardboard parts as a template for the circles. The previously sawn clamping pieces are fixed with craft glue on the cardboard circles (see section through cardboard rolls). The covers are decorated with a paint pen and decorative stars. The largest lid is reserved for the 24th of December.

Tinker cardboard rolls

The cardboard pulp sections are precisely cut with the help of miter box and saw. In this case, sections of different lengths should be chosen so that also different sized gifts can be found in this Advent calendar (see page view). And if you want to be particularly economical, you can simply use paper towels, toilet paper rolls or similar.

Cardboard roll Advent calendar

A crafting tip from: Alpina.

Finally, the cardboard rolls are painted twice with green and red varnish. The cardboard rolls are fixed with the help of the craft glue, which is painted on the edges of the rolls. When everything has dried and the cardboard rolls are firmly fixed on the base plate, it goes to filling the Advent calendar. Have fun!

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