Care and maintenance of the chainsaw - you should do that

Regular maintenance and care not only ensure a long service life of chain saws, but also ensure smooth running and safe working. Which care measures should be taken regularly, and what you should definitely do, read in this post.

Daily maintenance

After each use, the chain saw should be thoroughly cleaned. How to do that and what to do, we have already discussed in this article.

In addition, other things should be checked and maintained daily after using the saw. For the controls you should check the following functionally important parts:

  • the chain catch bolts
  • the front and back handguards
  • check the function of the chain brake
  • check the function of the throttle lever lock
  • Checking the cutting set and the sword
  • Clean the air filter and air filter housing

If deficiencies are found during cleaning and inspection, they must be remedied immediately. Never work with damaged chainsaws.

Ongoing maintenance

While it is best to clean the saw after each use, it is sufficient to remove traces of resin and residues at longer intervals. This is best done with resin remover or a special cleaning agent for chainsaws.

At regular intervals you should also check the following things:

  • Wear of the drive pinion
  • correct setting for summer or winter operation
  • Lubricant filter in the oil tank
  • Fuel filter
  • spark plug

The oil tank and the fuel tank should be rinsed with petrol at least once a year. The lubricant filter can also be cleaned well with benzene usually well, if it is not too dirty.

The necessary intervals for these maintenance work result from the frequency of use of the chainsaw. The more often it is used, the closer the maintenance and inspection intervals should be.

Tips & Tricks

Also, be especially careful to replace fuel regularly. Old fuel in the saw is a very common and often overlooked cause of startup problems.

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