The care of natural stone begins in everyday life

Even if natural stone is immediately hard and unchanging, care should be taken as a living organism. Similar to wood, it has a high sensitivity to unnatural substances. The less care products and additives are used, the lower the risk of impairment.

Annual polish

If you lay natural stone on the floor or on the wall, you should take precautionary measures against the usual after-effects of other equipment and coverings. The cleaning of natural stone slabs and the general work up are set narrow limits.

With regular care measures such as an annual polishing, slight scratches can be removed. Depending on the type of natural stone, the gloss effect is refreshed. To penetrated
Removing stains is not enough to polish.

Provision and maintenance

To clean natural stone, special agents can be tried out. But even they have a limited efficiency. Home remedies of all kinds should be avoided.

In order to give the natural stone a precautionary care, the following measures should be taken:

1. Protect the natural stone especially on floors. Dirt mats at outdoor entrances should be designed compulsorily for street shooting license. Better is a street shoe ban, which can also be replaced by overstretchable felt galoshes.

2. Coarse dirt such as sand and dust should be picked up regularly (daily) with a soft broom waiting.

3. Moisture and moisture on natural stone surfaces are wiped up immediately after being caused by a sponge or absorbent rag.

4. If grease or oil has hit the natural stone surfaces, a binding agent should be distributed immediately. Starting fatty stains can be prevented or at least mitigated by repeatedly sprinkling small animal litter, flour, sawdust or salt.

5. Already slightly penetrated grease can be "withdrawn" with blotting paper and iron.

6. In the winter, when the salt is added from the outside area due to the use of street shoes, the natural stone floor must be covered. Road salt is a mortal enemy of every natural stone.

7. Other mortal enemies of natural stone are acids, lime-dissolving cleaning agents, steam and high-pressure cleaners. Clear water and a conservative mop are sufficient for maintenance.

Tips & Tricks

If you have expertly and properly impregnated your natural stone, all other maintenance work is unnecessary except the annual polishing and the mechanical cleanliness.

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