Celebrate carnival and safety

Accident-free carnival parades for the whole family

Celebrate carnival and safety: safety

The carnival belongs to the funniest seasons of the republic, because at no other time is so much celebrated and drunk as on the carnival parades. However, it is unfortunately also the case that with increasing consumption of alcohol the levity takes its course. Damage, destruction or even accidents involving injuries to humans and even animals can be the result of careless exuberance.

It is not difficult a few safety rules to be observed, with which accidents can be avoided. And since the do-it-yourselfer generally likes to do everything himself, he will certainly be interested in taking care of his own safety.

We therefore give you below important hints to the hand, how they can protect themselves and their children during a carnival parade.

Eyes open at the candy hail

Safety at the carnival starts already when throwing the camels on. Certainly it can not always be avoided that something lands in front of the car. But generally you should pay attention when sipping that the sweets should not end up under the car.

Because when it comes to sweets, Children quickly develop a zeal that makes them dreaded after the missiles. In addition, they are often unable to assess the speed of the approaching tires correctly.

But also animals could become curious, what there for treats under the cars like, like z. B. Dogs of inattentive masters or mistresses. But also pigeons or other free-roaming wild animals that are used to big crowds, could go to pick the camels in front of the tires.

When you stand in the audience

Celebrate carnival and safety: other

Flying candies become hard bullets.

Who comes up with the idea, his Dog with the carnival train should also ensure that he is always on a leash. He can quickly escape, to catch the thrown candy and thus come under the worst in the worst case.

Best, you take the dog not at all or stays with him at home, because even from the noise level ago is the colorful carnival activities nothing for fine dog ears.

Children can usually not be leashed, so you should talk to them before the carnival visit about the risks. Please make the children understand that staying near a carnival car can be dangerous. At least as important is never to let the kids out of their sight. For adults who carry children, should generally apply: Stay away from alcohol.

Danger: Children are cockily grabbing sweets. Here is the danger that train members step on the little fingers. So keep an eye on passing people and other kids watching the train.

Insurance for carnival clubs

Anyone who organizes a Rose Monday parade or participates as a club in one, for him is one Organizer liability insurance compulsory. Before this is completed, it should be clarified with the insurance provider, which damage is covered and how high the coverage is. Many insurers attract with favorable offers, but whether sufficient protection is given, can be clarified only in direct discussion with the offerer.

Sometimes horses are used for pulling wagons, as a rule the pet owner liability comes up. However, the organizer must ensure that only horses are used, which are suitable for loud and chaotic removals.

Carnival at work

Celebrate carnival and safety: carnival

Many people at the carnival parade: Pay attention to your valuables.

Celebrating carnival does not stop at the workplace. But lurking here Trip hazards that may lead to warnings. Whatever is to be organized at Carnival at the workplace must be agreed with the appropriate supervisor. Of course, the rules of operation apply there also in the foolish time of jokes, and this has top priority at all times - no matter what the rest of the republic does.

No boss has to allow celebration at work, since he is entitled to claim that his company is working economically and efficiently at all times.

Cut off the subject of ties

Basically, the cutting off of a tie First, a property damage. If the victim is snubbed about getting the expensive tie dimmed, he's not just a spoilsport, but first and foremost someone who can make claims for damages.

10 rules for a safe carnival parade

Celebrate carnival and safety: celebrate

Children on moving vehicles should always be accompanied and observed by adults.
  1. Danger: Long fingers on the way! You do not have to carry around several hundred euros with you to let it crash properly, because there are ATMs everywhere. The less cash is lost in a claw, the better.
  2. If the wallet is stolen, are often also important documents path. If you do not need a driver's license or a video license, you should leave it at home. The replacement is often expensive.
  3. Neck pouch and inside pockets can be worth gold in the hustle and bustle. So choose the clothes accordingly. Anyone who makes his own costume should think of a few extra "secret fans" here.

    Celebrate carnival and safety: celebrate

    Children collect the candies - watch out for the little fingers.
  4. Sweets are hard, so you should do not stand in the trajectory of the camels. Umbrellas can help. Above all, protect your child.
  5. In the group you are strong: you should go to carnival always be traveling with several friends. On the one hand, these can intervene de-escalating in the case of friction with other alcoholized party guests, on the other hand, "single drivers" generally become the victims of theft or physical assault more quickly.
  6. Who is strongly intoxicated, should refrain from cutting ties. Quick you can misjudge the willingness of his counterpart. In addition, many a contemporary could have a problem with it, when drunk people in front of their nose with scissors waving.
  7. To avoid trouble with the boss, should every carnival action in the company be discussed with him. Who does not pay attention, can even get a warning for a glass of sparkling wine. Also, colleagues who want to escape the hype should not be hindered from working.
  8. If you organize a party on a large scale, actively participate in parades or even organized one, should be insured well. For beginners, a personal consultation with the insurance provider is inevitable.
  9. Are horses strapped in front of the train carriages? Then caution is needed, because the Animals can escape and hurt people looking for sweets.
  10. For flammable costumes you should not go near smoking people.

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