Brighten carpet by cleaning

The lightening of a carpet consists in principle only of a thorough cleaning. Actual action on the color of the fibers is only possible to a limited extent and is often questionable in terms of health. The offers of commercial chemical cleaning to lighten or bleach the carpet are usually limited to particularly intensive cleaning.

Basic color is only refreshable

The fibers of a carpet are usually through-dyed or consist of already mixed in production colored plastic. In both cases lightening is not possible and only aggressive and harmful chemical bleaches can easily change colors.

Only a few dyed natural fibers such as new wool can actually be bleached. However, this is only possible with machine washes and not always results in a uniform washout.

Three classics

The most common lightening tips besides commercial dry cleaning are salt, vinegar, and snow.

1st salt

Salt is best known for the targeted removal of fresh red wine stains. The special crystalline effect of the salt also applies to dried-on stains and as a general brightener of carpet fibers.

In order to make the best possible use of the dirt-absorbing effect of the salt, it should be spread over the entire carpet or carpet generously. Ideally, the fiber tips can still be seen in a white-scattered environment. The applied salt is moistened with a water spray bottle. After drying, it is thoroughly sucked off. The process can achieve increased effectiveness through repetition.

2. vinegar water

In a bucket, mop water is mixed with vinegar essence in the ratio of nine parts water to one part vinegar essence. The water can be well distributed with a spray bottle on the carpet. The embedding with a brush with soft plastic fibers is also possible. After a contact time, the carpet can be cleaned with clear water.

3. snow

For loose carpets, especially natural fibers such as wool and silk, lightening in fresh powder snow is recommended. The carpet is spread upside down on the snow and lightly brushed with a scrubber or knocked out of a carpet knocker. The snow should act for several hours.

Tips & Tricks

If you have removed individual stains and want to make lighter areas disappear by a total lightening, you should always try first with the cleaning agent used for stain cleaning.