Loosely or completely fix the carpet

There are three common methods available for attaching or fixing a carpet as a rug. The loose laying with individual fixing points by adhesive tape and the support by adhesive mats is the most flexible fixation. As an interim solution special fixative can be selected instead of performing a full-surface bonding.

Decision criteria for the appropriate fixation

Before deciding how to fix a carpet, four main factors must be considered:

1. Is the carpet a covering that must be removed without leaving any residue, such as in rented apartments?

Especially in rental housing separates a full-surface bonding of carpet usually because the subsoil and its covering are the property of the landlord. When choosing between fixative and selective fixation by tape, the existing soil texture and the carpet play an important role. Absorbent substrates such as screed must be primed and have dust-free fixing points for adhesive tape.

2. What material is the carpet and how thick is it?

A carpet with a smooth foamed back surface can be glued over the entire surface or fixed with fixative. If loosely laid, a minimum thickness of the foamed layer and a minimum fiber height is required to avoid later sticking of the glue point.

3. What use and tread load will the carpet be exposed to?

When using a carpet on very busy walkways such as in a hallway or entrance area in most cases, at least a full-surface fixation is recommended. The slip resistance and the avoidance of waves in the carpet can be achieved with selective fixing only by supporting adhesive mats display.

4. How big is the floor area to be covered?

Loose or floating laying is limited to surface sizes of up to fifty square meters. For larger bases, on which a contiguous carpet piece is laid, the force on the inertia is too large and a wave formation or the replacement of individual fixing points is inevitable.

Tips & Tricks

If your carpet has bumps, you must tape the edges along the entire length with tape in the loose laying. Even minor carpet loads can otherwise lead to the blocking of the joint or the slippage of the joint edge.

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