Clean carpet gradually

When cleaning a carpet, a distinction can be made between a normal maintenance cleaning and a special cleaning. It is often advisable to treat stains after an acute soiling, not just individually. The most thorough and gentle cleaning can be achieved with special machines and shampooing.

Rough and thorough pre-cleaning

Before a carpet is to be cleaned, a uniform pre-insulation in the direction of the line is recommended for medium-high to high-pile applications. In this case, possibly glued, dried and possibly loose dirt can be localized and removed by brushing. Depending on the material and adhesion intensity, individual encrustations are replaced.

Water-soluble dirt residues are moistened several times with a wet cloth and dissolved. Then they can be removed with a dry absorbent cloth or with larger amounts also by means of scraper or brush. Non-water-soluble dirt residues such as wax stains on the carpet must be heated in order to liquefy and also be removed with an absorbent cloth.

Pre-treat stains or remove separately

Stains drawn into the carpet must be cleaned with specific cleaning methods. When cleaning, attention must be paid to the structure and pile structure of the carpeting. The targeted stain removal must not cause any color changes, as otherwise the general refreshing lighter or darker spots remain.

Typical stubborn stains are caused by red wine stains, which can be absorbed by salt when still wet. More difficult, but also with salt and some other aids removable is the removal of dried red wine stains. The same goes for coffee stains on the carpet. As a household tip shaving cream is recommended as a cleaning agent that can gently dissolve different stain causes.

Shampooing with finished or own resources

In general, shampooing with a special cleaning device is the most thorough and effective way to clean a carpet. When selecting the machine, it is important to consider the type of lay-up goods. Machines with rolling or tapping technique may not be used on velor and long pile carpets.

In principle, shampooing is a refreshing of the carpet, which removes adhering dust residues up to the pile roots, which are not reached during normal vacuuming. Prefabricated shampoos can be used or your own carpet shampoo can be mixed.

Especially in the need to remove disturbing odors from the carpet, larger individual adjustments are possible in the ingredients composition. As a basis for mixing a carpet shampoo, the following cleaning and auxiliary agents come into question:

  • dish soap
  • neutral soap
  • Nuclear or soft soap
  • laundry detergent
  • Ammonia
  • window cleaner
  • vinegar
  • citric acid
  • baking powder
  • bicarbonate of soda

It is essential to check the effect of the selected mixture on the color and durability of the fibers. Some acids dissolve a carpet of polypropylene, which is indicated by failing fibers. Before cleaning, always run a test by shampooing a hidden small area of ​​the carpet. The intended exposure times should be adhered to in order to capture medium and long-term effects.

Cleaning equipment, means and availability

A shampooing machine can be borrowed at any hardware store. The machine is also available in many drugstores and interior design stores. In some cases, the machine will be delivered for a limited time without any charge, as long as a special carpet shampoo product is purchased. However, these products are usually among the most expensive offerings and therefore lending in this case is only worthwhile if the shampoo is to be used anyway.

The many rental companies offer the choice, so that a "free" machine is usually easy to obtain. From carpet surfaces of one hundred square meters or from four rooms worth buying, as a cleaning device often costs less than one hundred euros. Knocking and brushing devices are usually cheaper, but less gentle and not suitable for some types of carpet.

Tips for a lasting result

Apart from cleaning, cleaning and refreshing, some behaviors are important in order to enjoy the cleaning result over a longer period of time:

  • After wet shampooing, do not enter the carpet for at least 24 hours
  • Multiple air exchange in the room of the cleaned carpet
  • When vacuuming, clean the vacuum cleaner nozzle several times
  • When shampooing make continuous circular or spiral movements
  • If the cleaning action is uneven, perform a full second pass
  • Clean the carpet in all areas with the same intensity and select the amount and time of exposure on heavily soiled "running paths" even on less stressed surfaces to the same extent.
  • Excess fibers, for example, from sunlight can not be compensated by cleaning. In this case, only a whitening or bleaching can provide a remedy.
  • Risk any new bruises caused by furniture feet or flower pots at least three days after cleaning or shampooing. The longer the carpet acclimatizes after cleaning, the less effect is caused by external influences.

Tips & Tricks

As an alternative to wet cleaning, you can also use a dry shampoo finish. Powdery cleaning agents are spread on the carpet and the special granules attract and pick up contaminants. There are also combined cleaning systems. Inform yourself in the specialized trade and present if possible a test piece of your carpet.

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