Remove carpet adhesive

Remove carpet adhesive: adhesive

Different carpet glue
  • solvent-based adhesives
  • solvent-free adhesives
  • Mounting adhesive / dispersion adhesive
  • Fleece fixations
  • double-sided adhesive tapes
  • Velcro laying volumes

When removing carpets, an unwelcome surprise often comes up: Little nice adhesive residue - often with parts of the back of the carpet - stays behind. As the change of residence is neither welcomed by the landlord nor a reasonable basis for a new floor, the question arises: How to remove carpet adhesive? Or: Do you have to remove carpet glue or not? In the case of the extract, this question is difficult to answer even by lawyers. The fact is that there are many very different court judgments of many kinds. The legal advice is clearly left to lawyers.

Remove carpet adhesive: carpet

To avoid scratches on sensitive floors, it is better to use a new, rounded spatula.

From a DIY point of view, it is more about the question of whether it is necessary for the clean laying of a new floor. There is a clear "YES" to the answer. On the one hand, a level floor is important as the basis of every new floor covering; on the other hand, the adhesive or any solvents contained in it could react with the new floor covering and lead to damage.

Often do-it-yourselfers think they would not need to remove the carpet adhesive before laminate-laying. The impact sound insulation should set it, when it comes to the bumps. However, the foam-like material is often very quickly damaged by the adhesive residue - therefore, this supposed labor savings is not worthwhile.

Here you can find out how to lay carpet tiles and how carpeting is laid here.

Analysis of adhesive and substrate

Remove carpet adhesive: remove

First, look for what it is before a treatment with funds or equipment.

An absolute stroke of luck is when it comes only to remove water-soluble carpet adhesive. This is rare and should be checked or excluded first.

  • Spray a sample surface with water on an outside edge,
  • put on a wet towel for one to two hours,
  • try to solve carpet with carpet glue.

If the carpet can easily be removed at this point and the adhesive underneath, the case has been clarified.

If this is not the case, manually remove the carpet by hand to determine the type of substrate and to better examine the adhesive in order to use the correct removal method. The more sensitive the surface is and the less damaged, the more careful you should be.

You can find a small adhesive product information here.

Remove carpet adhesive - home remedies?

Remove carpet adhesive: remove

Not always heavy guns have to be driven up.

In the following home remedies, you should consider in advance whether the respective funds would be too expensive or expensive on the entire surface. In most cases, it makes sense at best for remnants of circulating adhesive tapes. It is not recommended to handle a large area of ​​nail polish remover as far as the vapors and the costs are concerned - to soak a whole floor with oil.

Otherwise, a home remedy is often worth trying. When using the remedy you should work with a rounded spatula (careful, do not scratch it). Wash with a cloth and rinse water in a second pass.

If you have several options according to the following list, you should always proceed from left to right in the experiments, that is, the different solvents of the last column only if everything else does not work.

hairdryersoapsudsOil / fat (colorless)Nail polish remover, acetone, turpentine, alcohol
PVCtestsoak welltesttest in an invisible place
Linoelumvery carefullyconditionally (relatively short)short-termunder no circumstance
floorboardsrather notsoak (wet rag)rather notmaximum test with alcohol
laminatetestsoak (not the joints)testmaximum test with alcohol
parquettestconditionally (relatively short)rather notmaximum test with alcohol
tilingtestsoak welltesteverything with shiny tiles, otherwise not
natural stonerather not (liquefied glue penetrates further into the pores)soak wellrather not, grease stainsrather not, maximum alcohol
stonewaretestsoak welltestonly with porcelain stoneware and as well please test in front of an invisible spot
screedbetter use devicesbetter use devicesbetter use devicesbetter use devices
First remove as much as possible mechanically that is more environmentally friendly and often health less worrying.

Devices and special agents facilitate the work

Remove carpet adhesive: test

Check carefully if a special solvent is not too aggressive for your floor under the carpet.

In the hardware store or tool rental you get practical loaner equipment that makes your job quite massive. However, this also often claims the surface of the subsoil. In any case, you should be advised in advance when choosing the tool or even the carpet remover specifically for your subfloor and read the information and warnings of the manufacturer exactly.

Particularly suitable is of course a so-called carpet stripper or carpet scraper which you can replace the carpet and the carpet adhesive - in one operation. Any smaller leftovers can then be solved with home remedies or carpet remover in a second operation and washed off. Of course, you can tear the carpet out first (use a carpet claw and a hook blade) and then work with a carpet remover. However, always look at the manufacturer's information, whether your underground this special solvent also tolerates.

On concrete and screed, renovation scrapers (facade grinders) have proven their worth for the removal of adhesive residues.

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