Lay carpet loose with edge fixing

In general, it is of course possible to lay any carpet loosely. However, if the flooring is laid out in a high-traffic area, at least one point fixation is recommended. Another not insignificant factor is the use class and the dead weight to lay carpet without gluing.

Uncoated carpeting is possible in rooms of up to 20 square meters. Completely unfixed interpretation is almost never encountered. Loose laying is understood to mean laying with edge fixings by double-sided adhesive tape with or without a Velcro function. Depending on the conditions and quality of the carpet, the fixation can be extended as desired with adhesive tape or Verlageklett. Even with extended fixation is still spoken of loose laying.

Pointed carpet Velcro has the advantage of allowing subsequent post-tensioning and adjustment of the carpet in a simple way when the carpet casts waves. Double-sided adhesive tape must be removed, removed and glued again. Carpet Velcro is attached to carpet and carpet backing.

Dead weight and surface texture

The weight of a carpet is composed of the so-called pole weight and the back of the carpet. The pole weight indicates the weight of the fibers in the pile per square meter. The heavier the carpet, the lower the risk of slippage. In addition to the weight, the surface texture plays a major role.

Smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles and laminate offer less adhesion than screed or old carpet. In this case, a little or no sliding carpet backing can prevent the hiking of loosely laid carpet. A typical example is the dimpled undersides of lawn carpets.

Orientation value usage class

Carpets are divided into use classes (NK), which provide a good indication of loose installation:

  • NK 21: lightly used living areas
  • NK 22: medium occupied residential areas
  • NK 22+: average occupied living areas
  • NK 23: heavily used living areas
  • NK 31: slightly used commercial areas
  • NK 32: average used commercial areas
  • NK 33: heavily used commercial areas

For loose installation only use NK 22+, 23, 32 or 33 carpets. The pole weight should not be less than two kilograms per square meter.

Tips & Tricks

Before loosely laying, pay more attention to the previous acclimatization of the carpet. Ideal are at least 48 hours laid out prior laying out.

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