Carpet or carpet tiles

Carpet as a floor covering provides a homely atmosphere, is always warm and visually enhances rooms. The question of whether carpet or carpet tiles can not answer generally binding - both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is an overview that should make your decision easier.


Carpet tiles are in many cases significantly cheaper than carpets. The prices for carpet tiles start on average at about 4 -5 EUR per m².

Although carpets (synthetic fiber, low pile) also start in this area, on average they are higher in price.

For both, quality decides the price in the end. Comparable qualities are up to two or three times as expensive as the favorable versions, both for carpet tiles and carpets.

High pile carpet and natural fiber carpet floor

High-pile carpets and carpets made from natural fibers such as hemp, sisal or wool are significantly more expensive than traditional carpet tiles. Here the prices are almost always over 20 EUR per m². But the positive effects on the living climate are higher than with carpet tiles.


The durability of low-pile carpets and carpet tiles is about the same. Experts expect most products to last for about 10 years.

Wear and signs of use may occasionally be higher at high soil load, thus shortening the life span.

Between carpets and carpet tiles, there are no major differences in durability.
The advantage of carpet tiles, however, is that frequently committed areas (so-called running streets) can also be renewed in areas by replacing the carpet tiles. The total lifetime of the flooring may possibly be extended.

way of laying

Carpets can be glued with double sided tape. Gluing is not necessary in many cases.

Even with carpet tiles, there is the possibility of so-called heavy coating. The tiles are provided on their underside with a coating that has a high weight, and keeps the tiles so stably in place.

Unlike gluing, carpet tiles are relatively easy to replace. You just need to be leveraged out and replaced individually.

Laying carpet tiles, when working alone, may be a little easier in large rooms than laying a carpet.

Replacement of the flooring

Carpet tiles can be replaced individually as long as sufficient replacement tiles with the same pattern are available. So heavily soiled areas and roads can be easily fixed.

A carpet, on the other hand, can only be exchanged as a whole. That's a disadvantage. In the event of irreparable soiling or the removal of unsightly roads, the floor covering of the entire room must be replaced.


With regard to price and laying method, there are hardly any differences, and the quality of the carpet is comparable to that of carpet tiles. The advantage of carpet tiles, however, lies in the interchangeability of individual areas. Especially with tiles with heavy coating that is relatively easy, with glued tiles, however, this is difficult.

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