Carpet or laminate?

Aside from personal taste, there are a number of reasons for using carpet as a floor covering for and against carpet or laminate. From cleaning and impact sound, hygienic considerations to design and heating properties, the range extends. The housing situation and ownership can also play a role.

Basic considerations

An essential constructional prerequisite for the decision between carpet and laminate is the available construction height of the floor. With a limitation of less than three centimeters, laminate laying is associated with shortening doors.

As a further main factor must be considered, whether it is a matter of residential property and the covering must be removed without leaving any residue. In this case, a carpet should not or can not be fully glued. In this context, the condition of the subfloor must also be taken into account. Laminate is more frugal when it comes to flat and clean surfaces than carpet.

An essential decision criterion is the placement of the floor covering. In a much used corridor, the specific characteristics of the chosen floor covering are much more pronounced than, for example, in a bedroom. With regard to prices and installation costs, the carpet and laminate roughly balance each other when comparable qualities are chosen.

Properties of carpet

Carpet is soft and warm. It is available in a virtually unlimited range of colors and decor. Different pile lengths and types can be adapted very individually to the furnishing style. A carpet "swallows" sounds and dampens the entire sound development of a room. It can be kept clean with a vacuum cleaner, but it permanently ensures a certain amount of house dust. Compared to liquids, the carpet is insensitive depending on the material and quality, but stain-sensitive. At high frequency of use, expired places or paths form.

Properties of laminate

Laminate is easy to clean due to its smooth, wipeable surface. House dust is easy to keep away and laminate can also be laid in allergic households. The decors depict imitation wood that can support the furnishing style well. In appropriate Abriebsqualität no traces are formed even at high frequency of use. A floating laid laminate can be easily laid and dismantled. Pay attention to the footfall sound development, which leads for example in pets to constant running noise. Sharp-edged objects and coarse dirt can cause scratches on the surface.

Tips & Tricks

You can neglect the decision criteria cost and work effort, since they move in a very similar price and intensity spectrum.

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