Carpet dry properly and gently

For carpets of all kinds, apart from cleaning, proper, thorough and gentle drying is just as important. In general, moisture and moisture can be considered as a natural enemy rather than a friend of each carpet. Nevertheless, with the right procedure and suitable time intervals, a wet cleaning is recommended.

Dry after cleaning

The usual and intended drying of a carpet occurs after a wet or wet cleaning. There are three carpet groups to distinguish:

  • Loose carpets in washable sizes
  • Loose carpets in sizes starting at about three square meters
  • Fixed carpets such as carpeting and carpeting

When it comes to natural fibers or washable plastic fibers, a Berber carpet, a shaggy rug, a flokati, a lambskin rug, or a patchwork rug can become completely soaked during cleaning.

Note the enormous weight gain of a water saturated rug. To dry it, ideally it is hung on a sturdy railing or a metal carpet rod. Drying racks and clothes lines only last for small rugs of less than one square meter.

The soaked carpet should be mechanically minimized. Wrestling or bruising damage the pile and weave structures. The best tool for accelerating drying is draft. If there is no outdoor drying area available, a fan in a dry room can help with evaporation. Heat such as when blow-drying may only be used very carefully and depends on the carpet material. A Nepalese rug or oriental rug with silk or silk should not be heated at all.

Acute complete wetting

When cleaning carpeting, a dry cleaning should be done. If the carpet has become soaking wet due to a water pipe rupture or similar dilemma, you should remove as much moisture as possible by dabbing with dry absorbent towels.

In the next step, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner that can be borrowed from the hardware store can absorb the moisture that has penetrated the pile and the bed. In the following self-drying, draft is again the key tool. The room should be ventilated in the best possible way and a constant air circulation should be generated by fans and fans. A dehumidifier absorbs the evaporated moisture from the air.

Tips & Tricks

For some wet stains and damp areas after spilling liquid, you should do the same procedure as you would for a full immersion.

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