Coloring carpet yourself made easy

The basic requirement for the possibility of coloring a carpet is natural fibers. Pure synthetic products can not accept and hold a new color. The coloring of loose carpets made of cotton, hair yarn, wool or silk can be done in a washing machine or a tub.

Loose carpets and carpeting

The coloring of loose carpets made of completely natural materials is limited only by the handiness. While small runners in the washing machine are dyed similar to pieces of clothing, a large carpet often has to be worked by hand. The uniform absorption of the color through the carpet is the biggest challenge.

Fixed carpets should generally not be subsequently colored. Even if their fibers are made of natural materials, the expense and the risk of a failed result is not worth coloring. Obscure tips such as the use of stain or chlorine bleach excretes for health reasons.

Dye loose carpet yourself

  • Textile or food coloring
  • Warm water
  • Washing machine or
  • Bathtub or
  • Big tub
  • Possibility of hanging (leash, leash, spider)

1. Pre-clean

A small carpet is washed in the washing machine in a smooth cycle without spinning at forty degrees Celsius. Larger carpets must be hand scrubbed with a brush in a bath. Use only fine or carpet detergent.

2. Let it dry

The cleaned and washed carpet must dry out completely. This lasts up to 24 hours, depending on thickness and loop density.

3. Dye in washing machine

Fill the ink into the detergent dispenser according to the manufacturer's instructions. Select gentle cycle without skidding. Pump off water before opening.

4. Dye in tub or tub

Stir the color evenly according to the amount of water. Insert the carpet in light circular folds in the water. Contact time according to manufacturer's information.

5. Pull the carpet smooth

Do not wring the freshly dyed carpet. At two corners taken smoothly falling from the washing machine, the tub or the tub pull.

6. Drying

Hang the free-hanging carpet smoothly on the clothesline or laundry bar without twisting. Pull out the folds.

Tips & Tricks

For valuable bridges and oriental rugs, large carpet retailers or specialized carpet cleaning companies offer professional coloring of the carpet.

Video Board: How to Dye Carpet: Full Room