Rug washing: tips and tricks

A carpet made of natural fiber can be washed in principle. If it is an Oriental rug, however, caution is advised. Silk parts make it very sensitive and not always are the yarns used colorfast. There is always a risk of damage.

Washing machine or hand wash

For smaller cotton runners, washing is as easy as washing clothes. The carpet is placed in the drum, filled with mild detergent and selected the gentle cycle without spin. For pure cotton carpets, only the size can prevent machine wash.

Larger carpets and rugs with different fibers need to be washed by hand. The transition between cleaning and washing is fluid. When washing a carpet, this is completely soaked. That always means a risk, because many carpets can not tolerate water. Nevertheless, with the appropriate mindfulness even an oriental rug can be washed by yourself.

Carefully wash the carpet yourself

  • Mild detergent or wool detergent
  • water
  • carpet shampoo
  • Carpet or neutral soap
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Soft clothes brush
  • scrubbing brush
  • carpet beater
  • Dry rod or slat construction
  • Level and clean washing area

1. Pre-cleaning

Vacuum carpet and remove coarse dirt. Collect lint, check the chaining and possible fringes for damage.

2. Check color fastness

Soak clean, light rag with the chosen detergent or detergent and rub carpet surface at a location that is less visible. In case of discoloration, stop washing and have the carpet cleaned professionally.

3. Lay out smooth

Lay the carpet on a clean, smooth surface without wrinkles. Ideally, the area is sheltered from the wind and free from direct sunlight. Unless otherwise possible, the carpet can also be hung on a carpet bar.

4. Spraying

Water the carpet carefully, without creating standing puddles. The wetting should correspond as well as possible to a uniform moisture film.

5. Brush or scrub

Use a brush or scrubber to rub in the detergent with the line of carpet fibers. Do not apply strong pressure. Water again. Brush foam with strokes.

6. hang up

Hang or stretch wet carpet on carpet rod or slatted frame without creases. Washed top up. Protect against extreme sun rays with a parasol or awning.

Snow cleaning and vacuum cleaner

Some consumers swear by the cleaning effect of snow. They wash their carpet by laying it on the snow with the pile side and knocking it out. After the first pass change to a fresh snow surface and repeat the process. Then lay out to dry in the heated room.

In DIY stores and cleaning companies, a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine is to be leased. There are very professional devices that also have a refatting function. Important here is the right washing or cleaning agent, which is usually sold only in the commercial sector. It is best to inquire about the corresponding products at the specialist company and, if necessary, buy directly there.

Tips & Tricks

If your carpet is just a bit gray, but not really dirty, brushing thoroughly with a root brush often helps. The hard brush removes deposited dust and often the carpet already looks like freshly cleaned without washing.

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