Are you tired of having to clear snow from your car every day in winter? Due to the lack of a garage, not only are the bikes permanently wet, but also your tools and garden furniture are getting wet? You have often toyed with the idea of ​​building your own carport and wondering how to build a carport yourself? Then you will learn here step by step how such a construction could proceed.

A carport with pitched roof, which was ideally adapted to the appearance of the house

Carport with saddle roof

Overview about carport

  • First step: Carport building permit
  • Second step: Build a carport yourself
  • Video tutorial to build the carport itself

First step: Carport building permit

In Germany, there is no uniform regulation for the construction of a carport. This is regulated individually from state to state. Therefore, it can not be said on a flat-rate basis which forms are required for a carport building permit. Here the responsible building authority must be contacted. The application requirements range from a basic building permit without any permission to a complete building application with statics, as it is also necessary for a house. If no permit is required to build a carport yourself, however, building regulations must be adhered to. These include the distances to the neighboring property, the street and the sidewalk. In addition, there may be a development plan that must be observed. For this purpose, the competent building authority can also provide information based on the address.

You probably need the following documents for your building application:

  • a completed formal application (available from the competent building office or on the Internet)
  • a building description
  • the area map with marked position of the carport (scale 1: 500)
  • Architectural drawings with floor plan, section and views
  • static documents

In general, a carport building permit is granted more easily than permits for garages. However, there should be a permit before starting to build the carport. Otherwise, this could lead to unnecessary costs and hassles.

Second step: Build a carport yourself

Very important is a detailed planning

Carport with flat roof

Before the actual planning of the carport begins, it should be considered whether a freestanding construction or an extension should be built. The freestanding carport does not require a direct connection to an existing structure. The attached carport uses existing walls and is ideally connected to the house wall. Thus, one not only has the material savings for a wall of the carport, but also a space-saving garage variant. When choosing the location, however, it should also be emphasized that the air circulation under the carport is sufficient to dissipate moisture quickly. As a result, the vehicle dries faster and possible rusting is greatly minimized. Before that should be clarified how big the carport should be. Whether only one car below must find space or possibly two. Whether still space for bicycles, garden furniture or other is needed. Only then should consideration be given to form, color and material.
Probably the simplest alternative is the finished carport kit from the hardware store. Since a building manual is already included in all these kits, not much can go wrong here. For people from the subject would certainly be the independent creation of a blueprint easy. However, having no knowledgeable knowledge or experience in construction planning could be problematic. Because a small mistake in the design planning could later have fatal consequences during the construction of the carport. A great help are so-called carport calculators. With these programs can be created according to your own specifications and wishes blueprints.

In addition to the question of whether the substructure of the carport should be made of wood or metal, probably the most important decision concerns the choice of the roof type.
The flat roof lies horizontally straight on the substructure and offers an easy to build variant. The major disadvantage is that rainwater is difficult to drain and snow loads can affect the stability of the carport.
Saddle roofs, also called pitched roofs, come closest to the roof shape of most houses. Here you have by the choice of roofing the opportunity to match the look of the carport to the existing house.
The pent roof offers extended possibilities of use, for example by using it as a roof terrace or for a storage space. It is also possible to adapt the pent roof to the appearance of your own home.
The sloping hipped roof on all four sides offers, unlike all other roof structures, more safety in adverse weather conditions, as this type of roof provides little access to wind and weather.
For which of these carport roofs one ultimately decides must be considered individually. It should be thought about all the important criteria in order to find the for a personally ideal construction.

Video tutorial to build the carport itself

In the course of their do-it-yourself videos "Meisterschmiede" the company Hornbach has produced a film for the planning and creation of a carport. There you will find all the facts and important information about carport again.

Video Board: How to Build a Metal Carport - Part 1