Carport building permit

Carport building permit

Carport building permit: permit

Carports are a popular alternative to the garage and provide protection for cars and bicycles. However, a building permit is required for the construction, which should take care of homeowners before the construction of the parking space. If such a license is missing, you have to tear down the self-made carport again. However, the laws differ between the individual federal states. Therefore, we explain here, when a carport-building permit is required and what has to be considered in the application.

Where is a carport building permit required?

In Germany, the state building regulations determine whether property owners may build a carport. Carports are covered by law as covered parking spaces and are subject to approval in many federal states. But even in those countries where builders do not need to apply for a carport permit, they must comply with building codes to build a carport.

Carport building permit for NRW

In North Rhine-Westphalia, you must apply for a permit before you build the carport. For carports with a usable area of ​​up to 100 m², no building permit is usually required. Nevertheless, landowners should inform themselves in advance to the responsible building authority whether this special case applies to them.

The application for a carport building permit is generally submitted to the Building Office. There builders submit the following documents:

  • Completely completed building application
  • Map based on the map of the area (see above) with a scale of at least 1: 500 (not older than six months)
  • A hall card (not older than six months)
  • A construction drawing on a scale of 1: 100 with floor plan, views and section
  • A building description
  • Proof of stability and construction permit for carports over 100 to 1000 m²

Depending on the location and extent of the construction, further documentation may be required for planning permission in NRW. For more information, please contact the responsible building authority.

Does the building survey duty apply to carports?

If you want to build a carport, you have to pay attention to some things during the planning process. Accordingly, carports and covered parking spaces, which are at least one and not more than three meters from the neighboring border, have a median wall height including gable areas of no more than three meters above the terrain surface. In addition, a carport is only allowed if it has no openings in the walls, which are located on the neighboring border. In addition, the total length of the carport at the neighboring border is no more than nine meters and no more than 15 meters to all neighboring borders. In addition, you will only receive a carport permit if the access to and from public roads is at least three meters long.

Finally, there is the possibility to apply for a permit exemption if the carport meets the conditions according to §67 BauO NRW.

Carports with a floor plan of less than 10 m² are not subject to the obligation to survey. If the covered parking space exceeds this size, builders must apply for a building survey within three months of completion of the carport.

Cost of a carport building permit

The costs for a carport building permit are calculated on the basis of the gross volume of the pitch and can be read in the General Administrative Fee Regulations of the respective federal state. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the costs of a building permit amount to at least 50 euros and are calculated using this formula: Nationwide shell value Euro / m³ x conversions space in m³ x 6 of thousands. In addition, further surcharges or discounts are possible.

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