The carport foundation

As an alternative to the garage, carports have long since become one of the best-established constructions for storing a motor vehicle. But as with other construction projects, carports also need a foundation. Which types are suitable as a carport foundation and each a small guide to the different foundations are here.

Definition of a carport

The carport is almost the "light version" of a garage or in other words a better, because covered parking. Sometimes there are carports also with side walls, but these were still their open character. Otherwise would be structurally in most cases a garage. Because this is where the first legal differences begin.

Consider building regulations

Depending on the state, the construction of a carport may be free of building permits. But then still other specifications such as height and distance to the neighboring property must be complied with. In some federal states such as Bavaria, however, a building permit is mandatory. Apart from that, there are numerous versions of carports, which can differ significantly, especially in terms of weight.

The right carport foundation

Here it becomes interesting for the "client". Basically, any of the possible foundation forms can be used for a carport:

  • point foundation
  • strip foundation
  • slab foundation

However, the foundation is not required in most cases. The parking area is well compacted with a shaker and then paved like a driveway. Incidentally, here are even more ways to secure your driveway.

The point foundation as carport foundation

For many carports, one point foundation is sufficient for each stand. However, the weight of the carport and the composition of the floor must be taken into account. For example, you can read about how problematic a foundation can be on clay soil and, above all, why. In the instructions for use and the product description in the data sheet of the carport manufacturer can also be found by renowned suppliers, which carport foundation is suitable.

Instructions for a point foundation

The foundation should have the square dimensions 40 x 40 to 50 x 50 cm. In the depth the point foundation should go at least 80 cm, so that it is frost-proof. In some regions, where it can be particularly cold, even deeper.

Under the foundation, a gravel layer (grain size 16/32) is created and compacted. This serves the additional frost protection. Depending on the design, the anchor shoes for the uprights can either be cast immediately into the fresh point foundation or later fixed with heavy duty dowels. The foundations should get two weeks to cure time. Then you can start with the actual construction of the carport.

Instructions for a strip foundation for the carport

The strip foundation is basically created in the same way. Only here should follow the gravel layer still a waterproof film. Then steel mats are inserted for reinforcement and the strip foundation can already be cast. Incidentally, a width of 30 to 40 cm is sufficient here. The foundation should still be compacted to prevent air bubbles from forming on the steel reinforcement.

Tips & Tricks

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