Build wooden carport in 5 steps

An open carport has many advantages over a garage. After all, a wooden carport is also better for the vehicle. The moisture can easily peel off and the car dries quickly. In addition, with a self-built carport can also realize very individual sizes for multiple vehicles and garden furniture.

Build a wooden carport step by step

  • bar
  • battens
  • joist hangers
  • cement
  • sand
  • gravel
  • Screws / nuts
  • Double-wall sheets
  • gutter
  • jigsaw
  • circular saw
  • hammer
  • drilling machine
  • Holzbohrer
  • combination wrench
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • pencil
  • spade
  • bucket
  • Maurer bucket

1. Planning

Draw the carport very precisely on graph paper. This saves a lot of work later. Also consider the roof overhang for the double-skin sheets.

2nd foundation

You can either use point foundations with beam shoes and some cement mix yourself or you can also buy ready-made point foundations. It also depends on the nature of the ground. The firmer it is, the less extensive the foundation must be.

3. Upright stand

Do not work alone when setting up the carport. It is best if you have an assistant for each stand. If you only work in pairs, you should secure the stands to each other with slats. Use the spirit level so that the uprights stand upright.

4. bracing

When all stands are set up, the top beams are applied all around. Then place the crossbeams and screw them together. Do not tighten all nuts completely, but be sure to retighten them at the end.

5. Hang up the roof

The double-skin sheets must be screwed onto the construction with the appropriate overhang. Pay attention to a sufficient gradient. Use only the special screws designed to prevent the plates from cracking due to temperature fluctuations.

Tips & Tricks

Ask before building the carport at the local construction office, to what size your carport may be built without permission. The common sizes of carports you can usually set up without expensive approval. However, if you wish to have individualized planning for multiple vehicles or a higher carport for a caravan or camper, approval may be required.

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