Carport in front of the garage - does that make sense?

Occasionally you can see that the owners have built a carport in front of the garage. Whether this really makes sense, and what interesting benefits this can result, you can read in this post.

Additional protection from the garage

If a part of the driveway in front of the garage is additionally covered with a carport, there may be some interesting advantages:

  • Protection when getting in and out
  • Protection during unloading
  • Additional parking for guests
  • Protection of the driveway

Protection when getting in and out

Not always you drive the car in the garage. Especially not if you want to drive away again. In this case, you can confidently leave the car in front of the garage. You will not get wet when getting in and out of the car.

Protection during unloading

Unloading heavy and bulky items from the trunk can be troublesome in the garage. You then have to additionally with the objects around the car, and through the often close connection between the garage and the house. With a carport in front of the house, you can drive the car halfway into the garage, and comfortably unload larger parts from the trunk, which then remain dry under the carport.

Additional parking for guests

With a carport that covers the entrance to the garage, you can also allow your guests to park the vehicle protected and dry to get into the house, while your own car is protected in the garage.

Protection of the driveway

If you do not like snow shoveling, you will often be well served by a carport in front of the garage. The area covered by the carport is not covered with snow and therefore does not need to be cleared in winter. Depending on the length of the driveway of the garage, the carport can then often cover most of the driveway, saving you the trouble of clearing snow in the driveway almost completely.

roof extension

Instead of building a carport, you can easily extend the garage roof with suitable means. This saves the construction of a separate carport. Depending on the structural conditions, the roof extension can be quite complex.

Tips & Tricks

If the car is not in the garage but just under the carport, in winter you still have to worry about having to scrape ice from the windows in the morning.

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