Paving a carport - what's the best way to do it?

So that the car in the carport does not have to stand on an ugly concrete surface, you can also pave the inside of your carport. It is best to pave the driveway at the end of the carport. How to do that best, read here.

Note infiltration

It is important to remember already during the planning that the rainwater on the driveway and also in the carport must be able to seep through the pavement. This is what you should always think about when building the load-bearing layer, but also when choosing paving stones.

Load capacity

The weight of moving vehicles can be significant. You therefore need a stable base. This substructure must be significantly more sustainable than a substructure for paved roads that are only committed but not used.

Carport paving - step by step

  • Post shoes (depending on the number of bars of the carport)
  • concrete
  • paving stones
  • gravel
  • jointing sand
  • Styrofoam for fixing
  • Grit / gravel
  • Tool for excavation
  • Concrete pouring tool
  • guide
  • bar
  • spirit level
  • rubber hammer
  • rüttelplatte
  • quarryman

1. Cut out the soil

Lift the soil in the area of ​​the carport about 40 cm deep. If you also pave the driveway at the same time, you can also knock out the entire area. Measure the exact position of the carport and determine the attachment points for the posts according to the plan.

2. Concrete the post shoes

In the area of ​​the post shoes, dig another 40 cm and place the post shoes in a concrete bed. Best fix with Styrofoam.

3. Determine the height

Tighten the guide (orient yourself at the post shoes) and set the construction height.

4. First layers

Compact the soil thoroughly with the vibrating plate. Then bring out a layer of gravel approx. 30 cm high. Ensure a uniform height of the layer at all points (guideline). Compact gravel layer

5. Further layers

Apply base course (grit / gravel) and compact as well. Pull it off smoothly with the help of the straightedge. Then you can start laying

6. Lay stones

Lay the desired paving stones. At the post anchors you have to cut the stones with a stone crusher so that they fit exactly. Afterwards, you can use the joint sand in several operations.

Tips & Tricks

Vibrating plates can be easily borrowed in many hardware stores. Make sure that you proceed correctly when compacting, in case of doubt ask a craftsman.

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