Carport roof seal - a simple guide

The roof of the carport needs of course - like all other roofs - a corresponding seal. You can read about the possibilities and the best ones here. Here's a guide on how to do it best.

Roof seals can be different

The classic in roofing is still the bituminous membrane. Their most serious disadvantage, however, is that they are not really "maintenance free" and their life is definitely limited. It needs to be renewed on a regular basis, and applying it is not easy for someone who has never done it before.

A very simple alternative, however, is EPDM film. Especially for such small roofs as the roof of a carport, this film is best.

It is simply applied and glued with a special glue - it is extremely durable and has a shelf life of up to 50 years or even more. Also priced it is approximately in the context of what you would like to quote for the carport in the roof waterproofing.

There are also a few other possible alternatives

Roof waterproofing - anything is possible

  • bitumen
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • EPDM foil
  • Corrugated boards
  • possibly also liquid seals, but which can be relatively expensive

Bond EPDM film

  • EPDM foil
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • broom
  • Roll for glue application

1. Clean the roof and roughly cut the film

The roof must be absolutely swept clean, and in any case free of splinters or sharp objects, also dry and stable.

Then you can already cut the EPDM film with the scissors to the rough dimension - but allow about 10 to 15 cm of protrusion at the roof edges.

2. Place the foil on the roof

The EPDM film is then placed on the roof and must "rest" for at least 30 minutes before further processing so that it contracts again evenly.

3. Bond the foil

First place one half of the film to the back, and thinly brush the vacant roof area with adhesive. Replace the foil and push the bubbles and wrinkles towards the edge with the broom.

Thereafter, the same procedure is followed with the second half of the film. For a more beautiful look you can, if you want, even the roof edges with appropriate profiles or otherwise disguise.

Tips & Tricks

EPDM film can often wrinkle or blister when exposed to high temperature fluctuations - but this is normal for this film, even when glued.

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