Carport - Fasten the supports correctly

When building a carport, it is important that the supports for the carport roof be properly secured. How to do this correctly, which mistakes you should definitely avoid and what else is important, you will learn in this post.


The supports for a carport must be firmly and securely anchored. For this purpose, a corresponding attachment and a corresponding foundation is necessary. Wooden posts must not have any contact with the soil, as otherwise they will rot very quickly and their carrying capacity is no longer guaranteed.

post shoes

For the attachment of the supports of a wooden carport are most suitable post shoes (often called post carrier) from the hardware store. They are available in different versions. The prices are around 5 EUR, depending on the version.

Height adjustable post shoes

Height-adjustable post shoes have the advantage that later on you can also (slightly) regulate the height of the carport. So you can easily lift the roof of the carport if necessary.


The post shoes must be in a sufficiently stable foundation, which must necessarily be established in the frost-free area. This avoids freezing. By freezing, the posts could be raised from below and lose their stability.

Create foundation

It is best to excavate an appropriate foundation trench and create a point foundation for the post. If the base plate for the carport is to be concreted anyway, you can also integrate the post carriers directly into the foundation.

Create a point foundation

Here, after excavating the foundation pit (at least 80 cm deep), a suitable concrete mixture is poured in for the foundation of the foundation. The insertion of so-called reinforcement baskets helps to obtain greater stability. Reinforcement baskets should always be on a run.

concrete filling

The introduced concrete must be continuously compacted and may only be processed earth-moist. The filling takes place only up to about 5 cm below the edge. The surface is then smoothed. A post shoe with a style can be pre-cast in beforehand, other post shoes are fixed with screws and dowels after 14 days curing time.

Tips & Tricks

Use only corrosion-resistant screws to attach the posts to the post shoes and to all other beam attachments.

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