Carport walls - what does it do and how does it work?

For even better protection against the weather, one could also consider constructing the carport just like a framework. What this brings, how best to do it, and what kind of problems that can cause, read here.

Advantages of solid walls

Carports have the disadvantage that they are open on all sides. As a result, the windows can still freeze in winter despite direct weather protection. It's basically about the difference between garage and carport.

Disadvantages of solid walls

A carport, which is firmly walled, is no longer a carport (even under construction law). The planning permission for a carport is then no longer valid if you convert a carport to a garage. Building law must then apply for a building permit for a garage. If it is rejected (garages are subject to different regulations and requirements than carports), the walling-up must be avoided.

Procedure for walling out

To complete a carport, some essential steps are necessary.

Feeding additional beams

The walling only works if the side walls and the back wall are divided into small sections like a truss. For this you have to move additional beams and secure secure. In the resulting quadrilaterals can be walled out.

Determine wall thickness

Of course, the walling should be done with the most accurate wall blocks possible. This is not always easy with all bar dimensions for the carport.

Secure truss

The masonry truss must be secured in any case against pushing out. You can easily make do with the fact that one often beats nails in the beams, which later connect with the mortar firmly. In most cases this is sufficient. In addition, you should always work with Rißschnur, so you keep the walls exactly the escape.

Protection against cracks and crevices

When walling you have to use a little more mortar than in ordinary bricklaying. Above all, the beams must be well covered with mortar.

Tips & Tricks

Wood and cement-based building materials do not work very well. The wood is attacked by the cement very quickly and severely damaged. One should definitely think of this, and if possible use a cementless alternative that does not damage the wood.

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