Carport with flat roof is the classic

The most classic form of carport cover is a flat roof with a slight slope. The materials used are trapezoidal or corrugated sheet metal roofs, sheets of plastic or acrylic glass and welding tracks on a fiberboard. The construction is well visible and protects the vehicle from precipitation and falling leaves and branches.

Unobtrusive and elegant

A key factor in choosing a carport with a flat roof is the light-looking look that blends well into the environment. In addition, the vehicle remains in the field of view and any vandals or thieves feel like on the "presentation plate".

With a partially transparent or completely transparent flat roof, the inconspicuousness of the carport is further enhanced. Nevertheless, with appropriate acrylic glass plates with UV resistance and light filtering, the heating of the vehicle is prevented by sunlight.

The construction of a carport with a flat roof is almost self-explanatory. Four corner posts hold a square or rectangular frame on which the flat roof is laid and fastened. For very large versions, an additional cross-shaped support is mounted under the flat roof.

All architectural styles

Since carports are usually built near a main building or as an annex to it, the wide range of options makes it possible to adapt the appearance of the carport to the building and architectural style of the surroundings.

Almost all types and models of carport with flat roof are available as kits. The spectrum ranges from modern plastic elements with acrylic glass combinations to rustic wooden constructions with jewelry applications such as veneers and side skirts.

Provider and costs

  • specializes in flat roof carports with a substructure made of aluminum and steel.
  • offers different substructures made of different materials that can be combined with different flat roof variants according to individual requirements.
  • carries simple wooden carport kits in classic shapes in sizes for one to three vehicles.

Kits for carports with a flat roof made of wood start from around 500 euros, from around 800 euros, the selection is large. For products with metal substructure, the kits start from around 800 euros. The prices for the different types of roofs vary, the cheapest prices have tin and plastic roofs.

Tips & Tricks

The self-construction of a carport with flat roof is readily possible. However, the financial aspect plays only a minor role, since the required materials cost only slightly less than finished kits.

Video Board: 12 x 20 x 7 - Classic Carport - Roof Only