Carports as a kit

Carports are offered in a wide range, they can be personalized and on the Architectural style of the house vote.

Carports as a kit: your

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If not only the car needs accommodation, but also bicycles, lawn mowers and other bulky things, you can get the carport right around you Machinery room extend.

Carports are also called even kits offered - but beware of cheap deals. Statics and durability may be inadequate and the work can not withstand a stronger storm. To pay attention to quality means to save more money in the long term, because with self-assembly, the manufacturer, of course, no guarantee for the structure.

Bear in mind the carport building permit

It does not matter if you build it yourself or build it - you have to consider one thing in advance of the planning: Carports are subject to approval. For the smooth completion of your approval process, we have a small to-do list for you.

Carport approval checklist

Depending on the federal state and, unfortunately, depending on the municipality, the requirements placed on a carport approval procedure differ. For more information, please contact the building supervision or building administration office responsible for your property.

In almost all cases a building application consists of the following things:

  • a detailed construction description
  • a construction drawing (scale 1: 100)
  • the static calculation of the carport
  • a current site plan (not older than two years) from the cadastral office
  • a current corridor plan
  • an application form from Bauamt (often online)

All detailed questions should be discussed with the person in charge after you have submitted the application. Often, the employees of the exporting specialist company are an important source of information for a professional procedure of the procedure. Does your neighbor already have a carport? Then just ask how he did it - maybe with a little barbecue?

Carports as a kit: approval


Construction sketch for a carport (not legally binding!)

Which carport is the right one

Carports protect a vehicle more than some people think. They are designed to be inexpensive and visually sophisticated. Suitable for every requirement and desire, there are variations of wood or metal, with a flat roof or pitched roof, covered or not. Also suitable carport accessories such as side walls, additional storage or planting is available. For more information, there are websites that deal with exactly this topic and are happy to help you.

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