Downpipes made of pure zinc are rare

Since the production of the titanium zinc alloy, pure zinc is rarely used for rainwater drainage systems. For cost reasons, galvanized downspouts and accessories are often combined with titanium gutters. The zinc in the original deposit is a brittle metal.

Alloy or galvanizing

When the rolled sheet from which a zinc can is alloyed is alloyed with small amounts of titanium and copper, the properties which are advantageous for a down pipe are enhanced. The corrosion resistance combines with low brittleness and reduces the relatively large expansion or contraction at extreme outside temperatures.

When galvanizing the downpipe, a zinc layer is applied by means of hot dip galvanizing in a zinc bath. Other galvanizing techniques include galvanic galvanizing with the use of electricity or spray-galvanizing, which sprays zinc on the workpieces like paint.

Original features

Some typical properties of zinc are also retained after the alloy or in the form of a protective sealant:

  • The corrosion resistance is at least maintained and even increases after most processing steps.
  • The longevity of zinc as a material is often up to 75 years, which even applies to galvanized components, as long as mechanical surface damage is repaired immediately.
  • Zinc has a relatively high thermal expansion volume, which also remains with titanium zinc and galvanized metal. More than with other materials downpipes must be provided with flexible movement elements.
  • Zinc and zinc-containing downpipes develop a patina over time due to the chemical reaction with the air. This layer additionally increases the corrosion resistance.

Examples of prices

Pure downpipes made of zinc are manufactured in four standard sizes. The diameters forty, sixty, eighty and one hundred millimeters are the common tube thicknesses. A big price factor is the accessories such as branches or ground-shaped supply lines.

  • At, simple drop pipes made of titanium zinc with a diameter of sixty millimeters are available for six euros per two-meter piece.
  • Under, a pre-weathered downpipe made of titanium zinc is available from € 11.21 per meter and a diameter of seventy millimeters.
  • In the lower part of the downpipe, the standpipe, is available in a length of ten meters and the diameter of one hundred millimeters for 36 euros.
  • The offers titanium zinc downpipes in two-meter pieces and the diameter of one hundred millimeters for 11.49 euros per ten meters.

Tips & Tricks

Unlike gutters, less expensive galvanized steel is usually more suitable due to the lower load on the downpipe and accessories.

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