Cutting cast iron - that's how it works

Cast iron behaves differently than other metals and is usually very thick-walled. Many do-it-yourselfers have learned that a cast-iron workpiece or pipe broke just before the complete cut. How to cut cast iron as easily as possible, we show you here in our tips.

Cutting cast iron

While normal heating pipes can be easily shortened with special cutters, this is not possible with older cast iron pipes. Although it is quite possible to cut heavy pieces of cast iron with a normal iron saw, but the duration of this exercise and the following sore muscles make this method not particularly practical.

  • hacksaw
  • Flex / angle grinder
  • electric foxtail with special blades / diamond blades


If you need to cut a cast iron tube, the angle grinder or the large flex is ideal. You should use a good new diamond wheel. Use eye protection, as the cast iron is fragile and the disc may even dissolve in the middle of cutting.

Through thick pipes you usually can not get through in one go. If possible, turn the tube to cut as much as possible with the flex. The pipe must be intercepted so that it does not break through at work.


If you have enough space on the cast iron workpiece, an electric foxtail is also a pretty good solution. You must, however, buy special blades with diamond trim for it. In addition, the whole process takes considerably longer if you work with the Electrofusion Tail than when cutting with the Angle Grinder. But the cut is often also much cleaner. Also in this case, the workpiece must be placed securely, so that no weight weighs on it.

Tips & Tricks

If a whole pipe is to be replaced by casting, many plumbers and experienced do-it-yourselfers recommend cutting easily. You just flex the respective sleeve and then lift it with a chisel. However, the pipe should also be caught or held by a helper so that it does not break off in the wrong place in front of the sleeve.

Video Board: How to easy cut & removal of Cast Iron Pipe - cutting with special cutter