Cast iron - scrap price worthwhile?

Many scrap dealers drive across the country and pick up metals. Some people wonder if they would prefer to bring their scrap to the recycling site. For all metals, including cast iron, this depends on the current price of the cast iron. There are very different prices for scrap, which is often regional.

Regional differences

The differences between the individual receiving agencies are very different. Unfortunately, cast iron is not much in demand because of its porous structure. The prices are therefore between five and 16 cents per kilo. In other words, for 50 kilos of so-called commercial casting you will get about eight euros in a positive case. But these are already some radiators that you would have to drag there. So unless you own a huge cast iron machine that weighs several tons, you will not get rich with the cast iron.

To make matters worse, many junkyards do not accept small amounts. Often, the kilo price displayed on the Internet is only paid starting at a quantity of three or five tonnes. Under this either no metal is accepted or the price is additionally reduced.

Sorting increases the profit

While cast iron is pretty much the metal that gives off the lowest kilo price in scrap metal, other metals certainly offer higher sources of revenue. If you want to donate more metals, the sorting of the individual metals can be very worthwhile.

Here is an excerpt from the prices of a metal dealer:

  • Carbide 6,50 EUR / Kilo
  • Tin 6,00 EUR / kilo
  • Copper 3.35 EUR / kilo
  • Brass 2.25 EUR / kilo
  • Lead 0,90 EUR / Kilo
  • Alu 0.75 EUR / kilo

Flying dealers

So, if a flying junk dealer stops by, you can give him some kilos of cast iron and the old radiator quite reassured. It would take more fuel and effort than you get at the junkyard for this metal. However, you should either hand in copper, brass and carbide yourself or have yourself paid well by the flying scrap collector.

Tips & Tricks

If you ask the scrap dealer for the prices for a kilo of one's, do not confuse commercial or mixed scrap and gunmetal. Cast iron alone is not queried directly from any dealer. Gunmetal is about 25 times more valuable and based on alloys with copper, which explains the high value.

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