Install cat flap in the outer wall

Who loves his cat, gives her freedom. Free access to the outside and back to the house means a real quality of life for cats. This comfort is achieved comfortably and safely with a cat flap in the house wall.

Suitable walls for installation

A cat flap in the wall is first of all a hole through which cold can penetrate into the house. The best place to install the flap is therefore a wall in an area that is little heated. Thus, the heat losses associated with the installation in the outer wall remain low. Ideal are walls in the basement or in the garage. You should only choose a wall in the hall if the corridor can be separated from the rest of the heated living room by a door.

Cat flap and passive house

Passive houses are made of building elements that have to meet special thermal insulation criteria. This also applies to a cat flap in the outer wall of a passive house. There are specially developed cat doors for the Passive House, which close airtight and have very good insulation properties.

Installation in the outer wall

In order to allow the cat as comfortable as possible entry and exit, the cat flap is installed at the stomach level of the cat. Depending on the size of the cat flap, draw the required cutout at the ideal height on the wall. Brick walls can be opened with chisels and stone saw and cut out. The concrete saw is suitable for the concrete wall. Cut the wall opening in the prefabricated house with the saw. After using the cat flap, transitions between the wall and the frame of the flap are filled with mortar, silicone or grout. For particularly thick walls, a tunnel connects the entrance and exit of the cat flap.

Beware of rental properties

Tenants are not allowed to install a cat flap in the exterior wall of the rental property without the permission of their landlord. Depending on the type of wall, the original condition of the wall is difficult or impossible to restore. The landlord can then make claims for damages.

Tips & Tricks

Do not be afraid of power failure! Powered cat flaps continue to function after a power outage. Using an emergency battery, they keep the closing functions of the flap in operation. So even in thunderstorms, the cat can quickly return to the safe house despite power failure.

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