Cat flap in the passive house

Passive house and cat flap were long two terms that were mutually exclusive. Today, the owners of a passive house no longer have to do without a cat flap. Specially developed models for the passive house meet the necessary high energy standards.

Cat flap as a passive house suitable component

The cat flap, which is suitable for the passive house or low-energy house, meets all building physics requirements that preclude the formation of cold bridges in the construction. There is no moisture, mold is impossible. Condensation, which causes the flap to freeze again and again in conventional cat flaps, can not form here. A passive house suitable cat flap closes airtight and has best heat-insulating properties. It thus forms a component that meets the special requirements of the Passive House. Even when driving rain and very high wind speeds, this cat flap remains reliably waterproof.

The high-tech flap can be installed in the masonry of the exterior wall, in doors, windows or in multi-glazed balcony and patio doors. This cat flap should not be installed by the layman. So that the desired energy values ​​of the passive house are maintained even after the installation of a cat flap, the self-installation is strongly discouraged. Only the specialist company can guarantee compliance with all standards and values ​​and be held liable for any defects.

Safety and comfort

The cat flap for the passive house controls the opening and closing according to the preferences that you have set as the owner. The flap will automatically close and open while ensuring the least possible heat exchange. The safe and firm closing not only protects against wind and weather influences. It also keeps away intruders like strangers and even burglars. The cat flap recognizes your cat on the RFID animal chip, which was implanted your cat with the veterinarian. The detection is also possible via a chip pendant on the collar. The desired recognition data are defined in the settings of the cat flap.

Tips & Tricks

Endanger the energy standard of your passive house not only by installing a cheap, but inappropriate cat flap. Although special cat flaps are a bit more expensive to purchase, they do not diminish the value of your property as suitable passive house components. Here the investment is worthwhile.

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