Build a cat house yourself

Build a cat house yourself: yourself

Cabins are not only for dogs, but also for cats. They are usually called cat house. They are corresponding smaller than kennels Depending on the design, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Just like a scratching post or a doghouse, a cat house can also be usedeasily build yourself with a little manual skill. With our cat house blueprint you have the choice whether you use the cat house inside the house or outside. Because our cat house is made entirely of sturdy and durable materials, so you can easily use the cat house in any domestic area.

Material list for the cat house

  • OSB
  • Squares
  • wood slats
  • Screws or glue
  • if necessary cat flap

needed tools

  • Table saw (circular saw with guide rail)
  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver

Measuring, calculating, sketching

The first thing you should measure is your cat. Because only if you know how big and long your cat actually is, you can too a fitting cat house for your cat make. After all, the house can not only be too small, but also too big. In both cases, your cat will not feel well in the cat house.

Then you think, at which point in the house the cat house should stand. Measure the space you have there and design a sketch of the cat house. It just has to be rough and, above all, makes it possible for you to give the individual pieces the appropriate dimensions and get an idea of ​​what the cat house should look like later.

side walls

In the first step, the two side panels are bolted flush with two wooden beams. Important is the correct seat. If the side wall is slightly overhanging, it can be adjusted with a grinding tool. Subsequently, both side parts can be connected to the rear wall.

If no visible screw connections are desired later, you can all parts also glued become.

Build a cat house yourself: your

Connect side wall to beam

Build a cat house yourself: build

create second sidewall

Build a cat house yourself: yourself

Screw on the rear wall

Front with entrance

Below are the first Crossbeam for stabilization attached to the side walls and the rear wall.

Before the front board is attached, it should get an appropriate opening as an entrance. This can a simple neckline or a cat flap his. Both depend on the size of the cat. Once the opening has been made, the front board can also be screwed on. Also, this gets to the increased stability above and below a crossbar.

Build a cat house yourself: build

Insert cross struts

Build a cat house yourself: build

built-in front with cross struts

Build a cat house yourself: yourself

finished shell

Roof and floor plate

The bottom board in the size of 1 m x 1 m bolted from below to the cross struts. For an outdoor location should be additional Feet of rubber or plastic be attached.

The roof should be later get the opportunity to be opened. Therefore, this is not bolted and receives for a frame of wooden strips. The size of the roof panel is therefore calculated from the basic size of the cat house plus 2x wooden strips. These strips are glued to the outer edge of the roof surface and must fit in the inner dimensions of the base of the cat house.

Build a cat house yourself: yourself

Screw on the floor

Build a cat house yourself: yourself

Put the roof on

Build a cat house yourself: your

finished cat house

Decorate cat house

Should you the pure and simple look If you do not like the cat house, you have different ways to give the cat house a different look.

This is part of it At first just a little color. It is best to choose different colors for the roof and the body.

You can continue Wood strips on the outside attach the body. This can also create beautiful "false windows". Such windows are only indicated by a frame, which you can also make with the strips of wood, but not cut out.

Design the cat house, as you like. Another variant would be a cat house with a pitched roof or a developed interior.

Buy cat house

Anyone who does not trust the construction of a cat house or hardly has time to realize such a project, but still wants to treat his cat to this luxury, can do so Just buy cat house too. There are enough variants. We introduce you to three possibilities.

Cat house in a simple design

Build a cat house yourself: house

If you do not want a lot of bells and whistles and are looking for a weather-resistant cat house, you are well served by the outdoor cat house. It has a roof for opening and is equipped with kesseldruckimpregnnierten feet. In this cat house is your cat safely protected from wind and weather. The only drawback: The opening is relatively high. The entry is therefore a little more difficult for smaller cats. At the same time, the opening is also very large, so that even large cats should be able to easily enter the cat house.

Cat House Lodge

Build a cat house yourself: your

Who his cat Cat house with several floors who wants to buy the best cat house lodge. Featuring a covered roof terrace accessed by stairs, this cat shelter provides weatherproof protection for your cat. And when it gets drafty upstairs, the cat can go to the interior, where it's cozy and warm. However, in this case you should wait until you let your cat into the cat house. The wood preservative initially smells very strong, which is why the cat house should first be well ventilated. After that, it can be placed both inside and outside.

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