Building cat stairs - simple construction manual

So that the tomb tiger can also circle in the garden, he needs his own staircase. No cat owner would want to waste his life carrying the cat through the stairwell. However, you can build a cat staircase made of wood yourself. Here we show you a very simple construction manual for a practical cat stairs.

Step by step build a cat staircase yourself

  • Vierkantholz
  • post base
  • Planed boards
  • thick longer wooden dowels
  • normal wooden dowels
  • glue
  • perforated sheet
  • Thumbscrew and nut
  • screw
  • jigsaw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • corner
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • Holzbohrer
  • masonry drill
  • screwdriver
  • hammer

1. Anchor the post

The post needs stable hold. If the cat stairs wobble, she is guaranteed no cat use. The base should of course fit the dimensions of the post. For a stably built cat you should use a post at least 8 × 8 cm thick.

2. Prepare steps and angles

At the steps you should saw out a U, which has the size of the post, so that you can additionally secure the board on the sides. Under the board comes later a wood angle. To do this, cut out triangular angles from the same wood that you use for the steps.

3. Attach angle

The angles are fixed to the post with two wooden dowels and glue. Since they only have to absorb the pressure from above, that's enough. For an extremely sturdy tiger tiger, you can also screw on a crossbar next to the angle and thus additionally connect posts and angles with each other. However, then you also create the possibility that unwanted visitors can get in this way in the house.

4. Lay up stairs

On the angle, the step is pushed over the post. Then it is pre-drilled through the step in the angle and screwed both together. Beneath the step are longer, thick wooden dowels in the posts, which provide additional stability and support the board. You can also saw short pieces of broomstick and complete it through the post.

5. Install balcony bracket

From the perforated plate you also cut a U-neck. This should fit the balcony railing. Attach the perforated plate below the top step to the cat stairs and with a thumbscrew behind the balcony railing. There are many more ways to connect the cat stairs with the balcony. The only important thing is that the post sits firmly in its brackets top and bottom.

Tips & Tricks

As you can see, you actually need a balcony for our example. However, if you have a smaller window that can stay open during the day, the balcony is not necessary. All you have to do is adjust the bracket so that the cat's staircase ends on the windowsill. Keep in mind, however, that this variant only works if someone is at home, because the burglary protection is not otherwise given.

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