Scratching post construction manual

Scratching post construction manual: manual

Cats have sharp claws and want to use them too. So that they do not fall victim to the couch or the curtains, they need a scratching post. Here you can find out how to deal with them simple means a beautiful and durable scratching post can build. Your cat will thank you!

A cat scratching post, 1.70 meters high and stable, can in Retailers easily more than 500 euros costs. The scratching post presented here is much cheaper - and is on top of that a real one of a kind.

material list

For the construction of the cat tree you need the following Tools:

  • Ruler / tape measure
  • Jigsaw / circular saw
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • 1 Forstner drill
  • 1 wood drill size 10mm
  • abrasive paper
  • glue brush
  • electric tacker
  • small screwdriver

The materials:

for the scaffold:

  • 4.50 meters stable, seasoned and untreated spruce roundwood, diameter about 10 cm
  • 1 massive floor plate (kitchen worktop rest), 80x80 cm
  • 1 rectangular MDF board, 60x60 cm, 10 mm thickness
  • 1 triangular MDF board, 60x60x85 cm, 10 mm thickness
  • 1 rectangular MDF board, 40x40cm, 10mm thickness
  • 1 round MDF board with 40 cm diameter, 10mm thickness
  • 1 round MDF board with 30 cm diameter, 10mm thickness
  • 1 rectangular MDF plate 30x30 cm as support for the basket
  • 4 hexagon wood screws 10x100 for the floor
  • 4 countersunk wood screws 5x70 for the platforms
  • 3 countersunk wood screws 3x30 for the basket
  • 4 washers M10
  • 4 washers M5
  • 7 Rampa sockets M10
  • 7 threaded pins M10, 10 cm
  • 1 basket of banana leaves, about 40 cm in diameter

for the reference:

  • Glue for the rope covering
  • 200 m sisal rope, available as a roll
  • sturdy plush fabric
  • enough staple needles

The optional "hiding and cuddling box":
For the optional box on the rear, right buttress you will need:

  • 2 rectangular MDF boards 40x40 cm, 10 mm thickness
  • 2 rectangular MDF boards 38x40 cm, 10 mm thickness
  • 2 rectangular MDF boards 38x38 cm, 10 mm thickness
  • 1x hexagon wood screw 10x5 for fixing
  • 1 washer M10
  • about 2 m² plush fabric to cover

The Cat Tree Construction Preparations

Scratching post construction manual: post

Cut the material with a circular saw.

The spruce wood, which the supporting pillars of the cat tree forms, must first sawed with a circular saw become.

The following pieces have to be sawn:

  • 4 times 60 cm
  • 3 times 40 cm
  • 3 times 30 cm
  • 1 x 10 cm

Assembly of the cat tree floor plate

Scratching post construction manual: scratching

A Forstner drill with a diameter of 35 mm.

A cat tree needs a firm footing:

First we put that Foundation and the first floor:

  1. Use a yardstick to draw a 58 x 58 cm square 12 cm from the edge on the base plate
  2. Connect the corner points of the inner square diagonally with a pencil line
  3. Draw the drill points at each of the four corners7 cm from the corneron the diagonal line.
  4. Drill the board through the 10 mm drill bit at the drilling points
  5. Then they mill approximately with the Forstner drill around the boreholes7 mm into the board - so that the screw heads and the washers on the bottom plate do not protrude.
  6. Now thePlush fabric for the stand pulled up: Cut off about one square meter and string the stand by putting it on theTop side (where not milled)taut with the fabric and then festtackern all around on the back.
  7. On the four 60 cm posts, mark the center and place the Base plate provisionally on the four support posts, Prick the plush fabric over the holes carefully with a screwdriver or similar. by.
  8. Finally, screw the four 60 cm support posts through the center of the holesHexagon wood screws size 10x100 fixed - do not forget the washers!

Sisal covering of the scratching post

Scratching post construction manual: scratching

Wood glue is suitable for gluing sisal ropes.

The sisal-covering of the Scratch post with the natural fiber rope is the most demanding part of the cat tree construction.It is best to string the posts one after the other, they will need about a day's drying time.

It is strongly recommended that one or more helpers be used for installation. The tighter the clothing is, the longer your cat enjoys it.

  1. Take the sisal rope and staple the beginning of the rope on a post as far down as possible with the rope Eletrotacker multiple times firmly.Make sure that the needles are inserted deep enough.
  2. Then coat the post about halfway thin with glue.
  3. Then the rope is wound, from the beginning with a lot of strength and as tight as possible always around the post.It is advisable to knock down the cable coils with a hammer in between: this will make the clothing more dense.
  4. Once in the middle of the post, apply glue to the rest of the post.
  5. Once at the topsplice the sisal rope 2 cm and staple the individual fibers as far as possible. Pay attention to a sufficient penetration depth of the needles.

Assembly of the first and second cat tree platform

The skeleton is ready. Now follow the two upper floors for your cat:

  1. Drill inthree from the bottom plate towering posts with the 10mmWood drill in the middle about 5 cm deep holes - do not drill in the posts on the front right!
  2. Now they screw three Rampa thimbles in the boreholes
  3. Then screw the setscrews about four and a half inches into the sleeves.
  4. Then place the first quadrangular platform on the set screws, align and mark the drill holes, Drill the marks through the first platform with the 10mm drill bit.
  5. Now the first platform is covered with a piece of plush about 80x80 cm, just like the baseplate.
  6. Use the small screwdriver to pierce the drilled holes and place the platform on the threaded pins.

now is the second floor with the triangle platform turn:

  1. Take the three sisal covered 40cm posts and drill centered with the 10mm drill top and bottom a hole in the posts.
  2. Sit down above and below a total of six Rampa thimbles.
  3. Screw the three posts to the grub screws on the first platform. At the top, insert another 3 setscrews.
  4. Pick up the triangle platform, place it on the setscrews and align.
  5. Mark the drill holes and drill through the markers with the 10mm drill bit.
  6. Cover the triangle platform with one triangular piece of plush (60cmx60cmx80cm) as described above.
  7. Pierce the drill holes and put the triangular shape on the setscrews: The second floor is mounted.

The crown of the cat tree

Almost done: Now comes the Crown of the cat tree turn.

  1. Drill in the three 30cm posts and center the 10cm post belowMake a hole and screw in the Rampa sockets. In two of the 30cm posts Drill up another hole with a Rampa socket.
  2. Unscrew the 30cm post leaning on both sides on the left, rear side of the triangle platformOne-sidedly luffed front, the 10cm post on the right.
  3. Take now, if you have the Scratching post without the optional game and hide box want to build, the two round 40cm MDF panels on hand. Unscrew the Plates with washers about 10cm from the edge to the left and right offset to the left front 30cm post and the 10cm post.
  4. Cover the rounds Plates only now with a round piece of plush of 50cm diameter.

The Cat Tree Penthouse

  1. Screw the last set screw into the remaining 30cm post.
  2. Drill a hole through the middle of the 30cm round MDF board, string one at a time about 40x40cm large, round piece of plush and pierce the hole.
  3. Plug the small platform onto the grub screw.
  4. Screw the last post onto the set screw.
  5. Unscrew the 30x30cm MDF plate for the basket in the middle with one of the 5x7 self-tapping screws centered on the last post - here you will already need a ladder.
  6. Now put the basket on the top plate and screw it with the three 3x30 countersunk wood screws firmly.
  7. Pad the basket with the remaining plush

Finished. Your cat will be happy!

Further building instructions

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