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Here you can order free catalogs for do-it-yourselfers from different areas such as home, garden or woodwork.

Free home improvement catalogs

Holzwerken general catalog

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Beginners and advanced users will find detailed information about the book and magazine program around the subject of woodwork. From fretwork to woodturning and furniture making to wickerwork and knife making, there is something for every private woodworker. Click here for the complete HolzWerken catalog.


Catalog service: catalog

More than 20,000 products from specialist ranges for do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen, home, car and garden. Special tools and accessories for every occasion. Westfalia has what you normally find difficult, in the new Westfalia catalog

Catalogs and brochures for home and garden

For the renovation and maintenance of the interior and exterior, the most diverse work on wall and floor coverings in the house or on garden furniture, fences and garden sheds are produced annually. In these catalogs do-it-yourselfers find detailed information and products that help them with these and other projects.

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