Cavity dowel for Rigips - Which are the right ones?

Since plasterboard walls are not solid, you have to pay a lot of attention when fixing loads to plasterboard walls. In principle, the spatial planning should be such that heavy loads are fastened on the solid, solid walls, if possible, and not just on the partition wall. However, if it can not be avoided, one can also resort to proven fastening solutions using special dowels to be able to attach loads to plasterboard walls.

Rigips walls are either hollow inside or filled with insulating material

In any case, there is no material available that would hold a dowel securely - it either goes straight into the void or into the insulation board, where it can not be securely anchored. For different heavy loads there are therefore different forms of cavity dowels.

toggle bolts

Tilting dowels consist of a threaded rod and a tilting mechanism that reliably protects the dowel from slipping out. They can be used especially when there is a cavity behind the wall. The toggle plug must be big enough for the threaded rod. Can be attached to the tilting dowel lamps, shelves but also, for example, curtain rails. It offers a relatively high load capacity and stability.

Cavity dowel for Rigips - Which are the right ones?: cavity


Anchor anchors are only suitable for fixing small loads, because they can tear out quickly.


They are the equivalent of conventional solid wall anchors, but have a different thread. You can quickly attach very light loads with them.

hollow wall anchors

Cavity dowels have a similar structure to tilting dowels, but they are even more stable. They are made of metal or plastic, for both types of materials there are different usage profiles. Cavity dowels may preferably be used where there is too little space for the threaded rod of a tilting dowel in the cavity. The cavity plug can hold even heavier loads permanently and safely, but it is of course the recommended by the manufacturer's load limits and installation instructions of the manufacturer.

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