Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction

Insert cavity dowel and tilting dowel correctly

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: toggle

If light to medium Loads attached to hollow walls or suspended ceilings should be used, you usually resorted to cavity dowels with folding mechanism, also called Tilting plugs.

The terms "cavity dowels" and "tilting dowels" are not clearly delimited against each other, this article is therefore exclusively about so-called tilting dowels.

Other options for drywall fastening are explained in the articles Cavity wall dowels in drywall construction and plasterboard dowels.

Tilting dowel and cavity dowel systems

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: dowels

Spring-loaded dowel with two wings

Tilting plug systems of all kinds work on the same principle: Through a hole is a Dowels with one or more hinged fastening anchors in a cavity wall guided.

Once the plug has passed the hole, the fastening anchor wings fold up or the individual fastening anchor "tilts" and jams - therefore the name.

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: drywall

Tilting dowel with a wing

The system has advantages and disadvantages. Once set cavity dowel can not removet be without opening the wall.

Although the threaded rod can be unscrewed, the fastening anchors then fall into the hollow wall.

You also need one relatively large boreholefor the anchors to fit through.

The benefits are in a very stable assembly of parts, which in principle can not be solved, unlike other cavity wall plug systems.

The Wall itself is not weakened, the weak Plasterboard or wood material will not be charged. In addition, already provided with dowels, but not durable connections, drilled and subsequently provided with a tilting dowel.

Insert tilting dowel - step by step

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: cavity

Before inserting the toggle plug, a hole must first be drilled at the desired location.

As the hinged anchor depending on the size of the Tilting plug quite a lot of space neededWe advise you to use one 10 or 12 drill, For plasterboard or wood panels, a conventional wood drill, of course as sharp as possible, can be used.

For dry mineral building materials you should use a concrete drill bit.

No drill? Then set holes by hand!

Incidentally, with lighter gypsum plasterboard, holes can also be made by hand. Anyone who has a pointed tool (piercer, pre-drill or similar) can also pierce drilled holes in rigs by hand.

Inserting the hinged anchor

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: toggle

After that Drilled hole carefully cleaned is, the toggle plug is inserted carefully. It must be ensured that the Tilting mechanism fits snugly against the threaded rod so as not to tilt in the borehole.

Once the anchor has passed the hole, the works Anchor off and hooked in the hollow Wall.

Beware of cheap offers!

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: dowels

Attention: Cheap Discount Dowels can break or tear!

Assembly of the object

Cavity dowels: Toggle dowels for drywall construction: cavity

The cavity plug is screwed after unfolding. This is on the Threaded rod first, the washer, then the one too mounting object and then possibly one second washer put on.

In the end, the enclosed mother or, on some models, screw-on screw head mounted.

Now the threaded rod of the cavity plug is screwed. This screws the Threaded rod through the hinge of the hinged anchor, the object to be mounted is tightened. At the Tightening should be done with feeling.

If the object does not wobble and sits firmly on the wall, everything is fine.

Alternatives to the tilting dowel

Toggle plugs are not the only way to attach things to hollow walls and ceilings. So plasterboard dowels in worm shape for lighter items or metal expansion dowels for heavier items are just as well.

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