CD profile

In the ceiling construction, CD profiles represent the so-called "battens system". They are screwed onto a substructure of girders, which are formed in the modern ceiling construction of UD profiles mounted on the ceiling in the transverse direction. Alternatively, CD profiles can also be attached to direct hangers, but this is not always possible in all cases. Like all C profiles, CD profiles also have the same variable-length inwardly-folded edges.

The Traglattensystem

CD profiles must be fixed to the substructure of UD profiles at certain intervals. Unlike in wall construction is in the ceiling no longer half the length of the plate, the measure of the distances, but it is usually chosen a much smaller distance. Especially in the construction of ceilings yes, the condition that the individual plates should be fixed at intervals of about 15 to 20 centimeters. Accordingly tight then the support slat construction must be set. The closer the CD profiles are set, the greater the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling. This plays a role especially in ceiling heating. The individual heating elements are laid here between the CD profiles. As a result, in most systems, the distance between the CD profiles on the substructure is already fixed accordingly.

Dimensioning the CD profiles

Basically, CD profiles must always be as long as the entire room. However, this often leads to very large profile lengths in large rooms, which is why there are also CD profiles that can be interconnected. A secure connection of the individual profiles with each other here is fundamental, since the stability of the entire ceiling construction depends on it. Otherwise, CD profiles also occur in different widths, different web heights and with different lengths at the folded-in part of the edges. The profile thickness is 0.6 mm on most CD profiles by default, but there are also reinforced CD profiles made of thicker material, up to 2 mm. Convex or concave curved CD profiles are a special form, with which vaulted ceilings can be constructed using the drywall method. There are also special CD profiles for damp rooms and for fire protection ceilings.

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