Ceiling heating in drywall

The installation of a ceiling heating can change the room climate very positively. With ceiling heating systems in drywall but not only the possibility for heating is given, it can also be ventilated and cooled depending on the system, an oxygen enrichment can also be performed in many cases. All devices are hidden under a drywall ceiling, which means completely invisible.

Radiant heat but also water as a heat carrier

Ceiling heaters usually work with radiant heat, which is much healthier than the usual convection heat. Ceiling heaters are surface heaters that work with low temperature. The fact that the entire ceiling is practically the "radiator" creates a much more comfortable sense of space. All water-based systems can also be used in summer - limited - directly for cooling.

Heating elements and panels in one with infrared heating technology

An interesting possibility is also to install the ceiling heating as an infrared black spotlight integrated into a plate. Often here are also boards made of wood fiber with clay plaster because of the better heat conduction used. Such heating plates can of course also be mounted as wall heating. The installation of such complete systems can be done very quickly and makes central heating superfluous. The heat is quickly available here - usually in less than ten minutes - and can be regulated as required - for each room individually. This saves energy.

Ceiling heating in drywall: ceiling

Easy installation in drywall process

Ceiling heating constructions are simply a suspended ceiling in whose cavity the heating elements are installed. But there are already complete systems where the entire line system is already installed in GK panels, here is the installation then very inexpensive. All systems can also be used as wall heating - as a ceiling but always pulls over the entire room area such an installation is usually preferable for reasons of indoor climate. Above all, it is important to ensure a sufficient layer of insulation over the heating elements, so that the heat can not escape up to the next floor and there acts as underfloor heating.

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