Ceiling panels made of styrofoam

If you want to cover an unsightly ceiling or even single walls and wall areas, styrofoam panels are a good alternative. They are inexpensive and require no complex substructure such as fixed panels. They contribute a little to the heat protection and are decorative.

Which styrofoam panels are there?

Styrofoam ceiling panels were square for a long time, about 50x50cm in size, and were glued to the ground using polystyrene adhesive. It was important to apply the adhesive thinly and with a toothed spatula, because too much adhesive pressed with unsightly yellow spots through the material to the surface.
Although nothing has changed in this fact and careful work has remained important in the installation of polystyrene panels. The range of shapes and decors, however, has changed fundamentally.

The most important styrofoam panels and accessories are:

    Square cassettes in white and in wood decors
  • Rectangular panels with 100 × 16.5 cm edge
  • Panel panels in stone look and other motifs
  • Stucco rosettes and stucco moldings

A Styrofoam combination with ceiling panels and skirting boards or stucco moldings ensures a visually very pleasing result when used conscientiously.
However, styrofoam panels require a smooth, absorbent surface and a recommended polystyrene adhesive, such as that offered by Bindulin for about 9 euros per 325g.

Cheap providers at a glance

DIY stores and the painter's retailer are the best contacts. Of course you will also have one of these markets near you, where the specialist staff will put together the right range of panels, adhesives and tools. You will receive valuable tips for laying there. Styrofoam ceiling panels are available from OBI, Max Bahr, Toom and other markets from as little as EUR 4.00 per square meter.
A favorable choice for the purchase in the system, for example, the online shop tedox.de, in which you will find not only the panels or ceiling panels, but also a range of stucco moldings, skirting and stucco rosettes.
For panels in stone look, which preferably achieve their best effect on wall coverings, rimini-baustoffe.de is a very good address with extensive selection.
With Styrofoam panels you can make your home with minimal installation effort.

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