Process cement mortar - how to make it yourself

In addition to the dry mortar from the bag you can also make his own cement mortar. This is not much more complicated than mixing the bag contents with water, but often much cheaper. How to do it, read in the following instructions.

Cement mortar from the bag or homemade?

Ready-mixed mortars have their advantages: you do not have to deal with the right mixing ratio and the appropriate aggregates, but only need to add water and make a smooth and even mixture with a mortar stirrer.

Ingredients of cement mortar

  • cement
  • sand
  • and water.

The basic mixing ratio is also not so difficult: 1 part cement and 4 parts sand.

The amount of water must always be estimated somewhat, but is usually about half a liter per kilo of cement. How to mix correctly, you will learn here:

Mix the mortar properly step by step

  • cement
  • Sand - Attention to the quality!
  • water
  • shovel
  • trowel
  • a pan for mixing

1. Mix cement and sand

Sprinkle the sand and put the cement in small piles on it. Mix the piles thoroughly with the sand, preferably with a small trowel.

2. Add water

A small amount of water is added to each heap, which is thoroughly mixed by shoveling the heap from the edge to the middle until the water is evenly distributed. Do that with each of the piles.

3. Mix to the right consistency

Repeat the previous step until each heap shows a slightly glossy surface. Then you can mix the piles together and your mortar is ready. Do not overfill the mortar trough, but make sure that you can always form clean piles when mixing. So rather use a larger tub.

Tips & Tricks

Mixers can be worthwhile for larger quantities - the workload is much lower here and mixing is much faster than by hand. Add two-thirds of the amount of water to the mixer, then sand and cement, then mix the rest of the water and a good three to four minutes. Then you can already remove the finished mixture.

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