Work up cement tiles

Cement tiles are mainly to be found in old buildings, but are increasingly installed newly made. In all cases, it is important to know how to process cement tiles efficiently. Below you will learn how to proceed with the processing of cement tiles.

Ceramic and stone coverings have always been among the most commonly used materials for cladding walls and floors. From the Mediterranean area came cement tiles to us. Only in the second half of the 20th century were they increasingly replaced by ceramic tiles. The most important stone coverings would be:

  • cement tiles
  • stoneware
  • Stoneware
  • Natural stone (tiles)

The production of cement tiles

It is important to know how these tiles are made, so that you can work on cement tiles gently and in accordance with the material. First, a layer of cement and marble dust in a form (precision frame) created. Then the mold is filled with almost dry mortar. Subsequently, the cement tiles are pressed under high pressure and stored for a long period to dry. Cement tiles are therefore not fired.

Suitable products for working up the cement tiles

The materials used already clearly indicate that no acidic agents may be used for processing. Since the cement tiles are pressed and not fired, they have a high pore density, so absorb moisture and release it again. Therefore, a cement tile should also not be sealed. In any case, avoid sealing after laying and in the weeks thereafter.

Because of the adhesive, the moisture content is particularly high and the cement tile must first completely dry out again. Subsequently, the cement tile should be impregnated with a high-quality and intended oil, because then it remains open to diffusion. But it is also important for impregnation that the cement tile can only dry through. Water residues in the tile can lead to dull patches on the cement tile floor.

Polish, clean, dry, impregnate

For the actual work up, wet sandpaper with very fine grain size is recommended. Afterwards, the floor is thoroughly cleaned. Then the tiled floor needs enough time to dry. Depending on the weather conditions quite several weeks. Now the tiles can be reworked with a suitable cleaner. Are the tiles really dry, can be started with the impregnation. In addition to oils and waxes can be used.

Tips & Tricks

As cleaning agents are suitable products with which you also work up and clean marble surfaces. Find out more in our guide to cleaning marble tiles.

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