Can you build a central staircase yourself?

Central staircases are elegant and in their simplicity also very aesthetic. Under what circumstances you can build yourself, and what you have to pay particular attention to in the planning, you will learn extensively in this article.

Construction of a central spar staircase

In the central staircase, the name is a sort of program. With this minimal and simple staircase form, the steps are carried solely by a spar mounted in the middle of the steps. However, such a staircase can be designed differently:

  • simple straight shape
  • Central staircase with spiral entrance
  • Quarter or half-spiraled central spar staircases

Fixing the stairs

Similar to the simple stringers, such as a staircase, a central spar can be cut in the sawtooth pattern to accommodate the individual steps. It is then a stringer staircase, in which both lateral cheeks in the middle are combined to form a supporting spar.

The steps can also be attached to the spar with triangular profiles. Steel spars often have other mounting profiles for the steps. Architecturally interesting are also bricked, wide spars as a carrier.

Problems with DIY

Necessary stairs

For necessary stairs, ie stairs that are part of escape routes, according to the DIN 18065 very specific requirements apply. This concerns different areas:

  • the step height
  • the appearance width
  • the running distance (ie the width of the step)
  • with open stairs, the distances of the steps to each other

Here, there is a conflict of rules: The distances between the steps should not be more than 12 cm in open stairs, but at the same time the step height should be 16 to 18 cm. This conflict must be solved constructively in order to fulfill both requirements.

In contrast, the required width of 27 cm at a step height of (optimally) 18 cm can be achieved without any problems in most cases.


If a staircase is no longer straight, but coiled, a constructive and mathematical warping of the staircase is required in order to comply with the required conditions and the standard requirements for spiral staircases. This is only the expert in the situation.


The installation of a necessary stairway naturally requires a corresponding permit in the living area, for which in turn a technical planning and various proofs are necessary. Self-construction is therefore possible only through kits or after prior technical planning and with sufficient knowledge.

Tips & Tricks

A particular problem is also safety aspects of the central spar staircase. If the railing is only on the wall side (visually appealing) there is a high risk of falling on the open side. One should also think about that.

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