Ceramic hob has metallic discoloration - what to do?

Again and again, stubborn, metallic or iridescent discoloration is reported on the ceramic field. How this discoloration can be achieved, how to avoid it, and how to remove it, is explained in detail in this article.

Typical discoloration

In the field of hotplates, metallic shimmering or shiny discolorations of ceran fields are usually found after some time. The surface seems to be smooth but no elevation is felt. Many come up with the idea that the stains might have to be under the ceramic hob. That is not possible.

Formation of discoloration

The so-looking discolorations are metal abrasion of pot bottoms. The heated metal leaves, depending on the alloy, traces on the cooking surface. Some alloy materials produce more marks than others - these are mainly aluminum and copper alloys because they are softer than steel.

Prevention of metallic discoloration

Important precautionary measures can be taken during the cooking itself, also when cleaning the ceramic hob should be careful. Pay attention to the following:

  • Never push pots on the ceramic hob (can cause scratches in addition to discoloration) but always put on only
  • Always boil briefly at maximum temperature, then switch back
  • if possible, do not use a detergent for cleaning the ceramic hob (indicated by some manufacturers)
  • refrain as far as possible from cleaning the pots in the dishwasher (can be a cause in some cases)
  • Always clean the pan bottoms thoroughly and dry completely before placing the pot on the ceramic hob
  • if possible, do not use aluminum or copper pots (depending on the alloy)

Removal of metal streaks

The metallic streaks can be very persistent and difficult to remove. As a rule, however, a removal succeeds well with special ceramic cleaners. However, there may be differences in the cleaning effect from product to product. Frequent cleaning (preferably after each cooking) is required.

In addition to the special cleaners, as with cleaning, there are still a number of home remedies that should also help to remove metal streaks:

  • vinegar
  • washing soda
  • various plaster stones or stone cleaners (careful, partly abrasive effect)

Tips & Tricks

Under no circumstances should discoloration, encrustations or stains on the ceramic hob with abrasive cleaning agents or coarse cleaning appliances be dealt with. As a result, scratches may occur in the long term, but possibly also major damage to the ceramic field.

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