Ceranfeld: 1 plate is defective, can one repair that?

If the ceran field a single plate is defective, and not longer, this can have different causes. What is possible, and with what prices you have to expect when replacing or repairing a single hob, you will learn in this post.

damage limitation

First of all, to determine for yourself what the damage might be, one should briefly examine a few things:

  • If you turn on the plate, does the corresponding light shine?
  • Does the plate make noise?
  • Could the switch contacts be dirty?
  • Is it an electrically heated cooktop or cooktop with induction?
  • When the corresponding light comes on, is at least one switching pulse applied to the plate?
  • Do the other plates work properly and get hot?

After this brief review, a service technician can already provide much more detailed information.
In terms of control technology, there can be no problem. Induction hobs, due to the extensive electronics, tend more frequently to faults than electrically heated ceramic fields. If all the other disks work, it can be assumed that the problem actually only affects one disk.

possible error causes

  • Heating element of the plate is defective
  • Plug connection to the plate is loose (rare)
  • Switching elements or fuses are defective

To limit the damage, a service technician will usually measure the non-functioning plate. An electrical heating element has a resistance of roughly 30 ohms - due to this fact it can be determined with special measuring devices whether the plate gets power at all, and whether it is defective.


Minor damage can often be resolved quickly and inexpensively. From repair costs in the amount of 100 - 150 EUR should, however, usually go out, since already the approach and the troubleshooting of customer services beating accordingly.

For an exchange of the affected plate you have to assume much higher costs, costs of 200 - 300 EUR are easily achieved here.

Possibly, an electrical appliance specialized in household appliances can make the exchange of a plate cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, the repair will hardly be worthwhile. Do not try to change a plate yourself if you do not have the necessary expertise. Straight heavy current devices are always life-threatening, but it is enough to accidentally touch a live part. Do not be seduced by any "instructions" on the Internet under any circumstances!

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