Ceran field clean with home remedies

Special cleaners for the ceramic field are expensive. Although they are always the best possible choice, in many cases you just do not have such a cleaner on hand, or have problems with special stains. Which home remedies you can use well, tells you this post.

The main home remedies

The most important and proven home remedies for cleaning a ceramic hob are:

  • baking powder
  • lemon
  • Spülmaschinentabs
  • Toothpaste and
  • Glass cleaner or oven spray

Since these things are almost always found in every household, you can always carry out a quick cleaning. Especially the regular cleaning and care, even if just no visible dirt after cooking on the ceramic hob visible, the Cerankochfeld gets long beautiful.

In addition, keeping clean leads to higher performance and lower power consumption of the ceramic hob.

baking powder

Baking soda is a very universal cleanser. It is best used mixed with a little water. The baking soda-water mixture should give a slightly creamy paste. Apply and leave to act for a short time, then wipe off with a damp cloth. This also solves some spots quite well.


Lemon is also a very good stain remover and a very effective cleanser. Instead of dabbing with lemon juice, you can also simply wipe the surface of the ceramic hob with a halved lemon (or more heavily soiled spots). Then wipe with clear water and dry with a cloth.


They are applied as baking soda - as a creamy paste with a little water stirred. Just when the surface is still slightly warning (not hot!), You can apply this mixture very well. Apply the paste, keep it moist for a while with a little water, then wipe it with a damp cloth. Dissolves well starchy and persistent stains.


Toothpaste (be careful, absolutely without "grains"!) Can be used to reflect the ceran field the shine. It is carefully rubbed in a very small amount with a very soft cloth (no microfiber!) And then carefully polished.

Glass cleaner and oven spray

Especially if you want to clean burned ceramic fields gently, but effective, oven spray is very good. Spray on and leave to work according to manufacturer's instructions. Then clean as usual. This is often more effective than soaking.

Conventional glass cleaners are particularly suitable for the thorough removal of greasy and greasy soiling (as long as they are not baked). Simply spray on and proceed as with an ordinary glass pane.

Tips & Tricks

However, the most important rule for the cleaning of ceramic fields is and remains: remove soiling as soon as possible, at the latest after cooking. What else is important when cleaning, see this post.

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