Ceranfeld goes on and off - why can that be?

Again and again, the problem is reported that ceran fields automatically turn on and off or change the temperature level arbitrarily, although you do not want that. You can find out here what this can often be and what remedies might be available.

Regulation of cooking zones

Depending on the particular heating technology for the ceramic hob, the temperature control may be different. However, there is usually a thermostat in cooktops that are electrically heated with coils. It is often located at one end of a bar going through the hob.

At a certain temperature, a heat sensor in the ceramic hob is activated and the thermostat shuts down the temperature. However, this is not always desired at this time (for example, when sautéing).

Many devices also have a so-called "automatic boost": Here, the temperature is automatically reduced by the device itself after a very short cooking time. This is usually not adjustable or programmable.

Common problem

Very often it is complained that if you set the temperature very high (maximum), this temperature setting from the stove is very quickly reduced again and no or too little heat is released.


The causes can be many. A basic temperature limiter is installed in all ceramic hobs to avoid overheating and the risk of fire. However, these controls react differently sensitive. Other possible causes can also be:

  • shiny or highly reflective pot bottoms
  • Electronics error (very rare)
  • inappropriate setting of thermostat or heat sensor

Shiny or highly reflective pot bottoms

If the bottom of a pot shines or reflects strongly, it can happen that the heat sensor triggers very quickly due to the reflection. In this case, the controller then suspects too high temperatures and regulates the amount of heat immediately down. As a remedy, you can use pots with dull-looking soil or slightly older pots. Then the problem should not occur anymore.

Electronics error (very rare)

As with all electronic controls, there may of course be problems with the electronics in the ceramic field. If that is the case, you will need a repair service.

Inappropriate setting of thermostat or heat sensor

In some cases, the thermostat may trip at too low a temperature. In most cases thermostats are adjustable (only by a specialist!). Correcting the setting may correct the problem.

Tips & Tricks

Basically, an automatic shutdown is advantageous both for security reasons and for energy efficiency. With settings on the thermostat you should be careful in any case - the main cause of heavy fires and numerous deaths in Germany are still stoves and hobs. And a "parboiling", which is provided in the hob, you can not "turn off" anyway.

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