Ceranfeld unlock - how does it work?

Ceran fields, especially those with touch operation, often have a lock and fuse. This is basically a useful thing - but unlocking is not always that easy. What possibilities of the lock, and what unlocking options there are, you can read here.

Sense of the lock

Key locks are to help prevent accidental start-up of a ceramic stove. Otherwise, accidentally operating a disc could start it and trigger a fire.

With locks there are two possibilities: on the one hand a pure key lock, on the other hand a permanent lock (parental control, but also intended for pets, which could jump on the stove).

lock options

A simple key lock is switched on with most devices and models by a long press of the on / off key and also solved just like that. Such blocking is often referred to by some manufacturers as "locking" (the control panel).

In addition, there is also a so-called "permanent backup", which is often referred to as child protection. To turn this lock on (this only needs to be done once), a complex operation sequence is required. Once the oven is switched off, the lock is automatically always active.

Solving such permanent locks varies from device to device. Sometimes quite complex operations are necessary for this. It must always be done when the stove is put into operation. Once all cooktops have been turned off, the lock is automatically effective again.

Tips & Tricks

An instruction to lock, unlock and set up and release permanent locks is usually found in the instruction manual. If there is no manual available, a call to customer service can help, alternatively a search on the Internet for online manuals for the respective device. In some cases, you may also ask acquaintances using the same device or one from the same manufacturer.

Video Board: How to UNLOCK / LOCK the child lock on a Electrolux induction hob